Ads in wordpress loop – the best practices for 2018

The best ads dimensions in wordpress

It is interesting to note that the size also matters. Our recent research shows that there are 3 particular ads sizes that catch the attention. Here is the list we recommend:

  • Inline rectangle – 300 x 250
  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90
  • Wide Skyscraper – 160 x 600

We consider those 3 as the best ads dimensions in wordpress, because they generate over 70% of the clicks. Here is our breakdown:

  • Inline rectangle – 31%
  • Leaderboard – 29%
  • Wide Skyscraper – 14%

Of course you can use custom sizes, but this puts in question the real effect. While preparing our research, we also took into account the list of most served Google banners and their click rate. This once again confirmed the accuracy of our research.

Ads in wordpress loop – further insights

Here comes an interesting question “Are your ads relevant to the content of your website ?”. If the answer is “No”, then there is a serious problem. There is no need to display car parts ads on a website targeted towards pets owners. In short, try and be more relevant. If Google is the source of your ads, you will have to take time and configure the feeds to match your niche. Irrelevant ads would result in zero income and waste of traffic and efforts. Another negative consequence is increased bounce rate.

You should also think of the type of the ads. Are you advertising services or products ? Are they really valuable or interesting ? What I am trying to say here is that you should be focused on more valuable and innovative and interesting ads. Highlighting poor services or low quality products on your website may decrease the trust in your website and lower the number of visitors.

Bet on simplicity when inserting ads in wordpress loop. Pick up well established brands and products if that is possible. As I said above, you should not point your attention on low quality products and services. Take a look at what the top brands do and what are the messages in theirs ads. Examples like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Porsche, Mercedes and so on are just examples.

What not to do when inserting ads in wordpress loop

I personally do not like the idea of taking too much space for ads. In fact, I think that the ads space should not be over 20% of all the visible area. Exceeding this may result in misleading clicks and actions and subsequently loss of traffic.

It is not recommended to start your posts with ads. The visitors land on your page because of the content after all, so placing ads at the very top is definitely not the best idea you can come up with.

There are many webmasters out there who often place ads nearby navigation menus or website buttons. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with this, but some may consider this as attempt to trick the visitors and get a get a few extra click due to wrong decision.

Be focused on your niche and do not try to be everything to everyone. It is impossible to reach every possible market, so showing ads related to your specific niche is more than recommended.

Do not miss to test your ads in advance. This is important as often there are layout issues and the ads may not be displayed correctly or remain outside the visible area.


Ads in wordpress loop - the best positions and dimensions
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Ads in wordpress loop - the best positions and dimensions
Ads in wordpress loop - what are the best practices for 2018. Recommended ads positions and dimensions for wordpress themes. Further insights on how to increase the income by following a few simple rules. Recommendations and practices for wordpress users
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