WordPress installation using Softaculous

In the following tutorial I will provide you with step by step instructions on how to perform automated wordpress installation. This type of WordPress installation can be considered as automatic, because we will use Softaculous. This is an auto installer developed to provide you with fast and easy way to have a correctly configured WordPress application. The process does not involve any manual work except selecting login details and a few other basic details. The magic happens in the background.

What is Softaculous and how to use it

Softaculous as an auto installer can be used for the installation of a large number of applications. That being said I personally do not recommend it for backing up or upgrades. Of course the software offers such features, but when it comes to large and complex applications, the final outcome might be broken website or malfunctioning features. During such process some of server limits might be reached and the result of this will be a mess.

To start WordPress installation using Softaculous, you have to access your cPanel. If you do not know your login details, you may ask your support team for assistance. Once in, look for Softaculous. You may find it under Softaculous App Installer section. Alternatively you may use the search button place on the left column of cPanel.

Automated WordPress installation using Softaculous

When you find the icon, just click it and you will see the following on your screen:

Softaculous home screen

Softaculous home screen

In my case WordPress is placed at the top, but if you do not see it on your screen, just scroll down or use the search button on the left. The next step is to find and click the WordPress icon. When done, the following will appear on your screen:

WordPress installation screen in Softaculous

WordPress installation screen in Softaculous

As we are learning how to install WordPress using Softaculous – just click Install. This is the blue button on the horizontal menu. After that you will see the following:

Basic WordPress settins in Softaculous

Basic WordPress settins in Softaculous

Installation specifics

Note that we will split the page into a few screenshots in order to explain better the options. Depending of whether SSL is present or not, you may choose between HTTPS and HTTP. The same applies for WWW URLs or non WWW URLs. If you did not purchase SSL from your hosting provider, then I would advise you to select http://www option Choose Protocol drop down menu. From the next menu called Choose Domain you have to select your domain name.

The next option called In Directory is a little bit more interesting, so I would like to say a few more words about it. If you are planning to access your WordPress application using your domain name like http://www.yourdomain.com, then leave In Directory field empty as it is. If you however, already have live website and want to install WordPress in a subfolders for testing purposes, then type that subfolder in the mentioned field. This way if you type test in In Directory field, when you finish the installation, you will be able to access it using http://www.yourdomain.com/test/

Automated wordpress installation using softaculous
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Automated wordpress installation using softaculous
Automated wordpress installation using Softaculous. What is Softaculous and how to use it ? What are the basic and advanced installation options. Setting up plugins or theme during the automated installation process.
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