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Resolved WordPress issues 13-11-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Remove Site Stats and Elementor widgets from wordpress dashboard Scraping one piece of information, posting it on social media at specific times New Taxonomies and Default Post Category Issue Ansible unarchiving file to destination unreadable Error from server (BadRequest): container “mariadb” in pod is waiting to start: CreateContainerConfigError WordPress: get $wp_admin_bar in AJAX request Can't have content on the same row with an image SQL query to replace string based on wildcardt Moving function from functions.php to plugin Get menu items in MySql WordPress database via sql query WordPress “get_template_part” doesn't appear to be working word-press – G5plus April – Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 12-11-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Add/Remove class from body tag after a new page is fully loaded Uploading to WordPress (for non-registered user, not logged in) Accessing WordPress behind an Azure application Gateway change email of every wordpress user subscribed to a bbpress forum How to abstract from an hard-coded path for the baseUrl parameter of vue.config.js to correctly address static assets WordPress doesn't see <?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?> Using WP_Query twice on the same page with different results How to set default content for WordPress theme Add menu as last item – WordPress move wordpress url xxx.com/xxx to xxx.com (There is a stock wordpress Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 11-11-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Change CPT 'Add New Post' to CPT Name How can I make the initial load of this page smoother? admin-ajax is getting me a 400 error, I have appeared to provide the correct query WordPress database wp_postmeta meta_value url search and replace problem Problems with WordPress menu links how to filter sub nav menu in wirdpress by parent menu item ID (menu_item_parent) Error `OAuth signature not defined` with Ionic-Angular app Croatian translation files not working in wordpress plugin WordPress – Add a page upon activation of plugin Mamp: WordPress site can't be reached but dashboard can Javascript cookie not working Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 10-11-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Portfolio doesnt load and filter the items how to send online user in wordpress with POST method? WordPress on docker compose and nginx and subpath keep logging out Exclude tag from category list widget in flex theme ACF – related posts based on ACF text field Local Worpdress website can not connect to its database WordPress Plugin: Membership with private area to all member imagecopymerge save image to wordpress Why do I get 400 bad request in Edge browser only with fetch? jquery datepicker scrolls to top of page after date selected Play Store License name How to give restricted Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  3. Back button remembering Accordion state
  4. How I can show pdf file in wordpress without plugins? [duplicate]
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  6. Ampersand in $wpdb->get_results of wordpress
  7. Hide the “Account” menu item until a user places an order
  8. What is wordpress workflow?
  9. Hangout call to specific user by link
  10. What does “Add empty params to Signature” in POSTMAN mean or do

Resolved issues

  1. How to bind IP Address:Port No with some domain name on wamp server
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  9. HOA Web Project
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