WordPress issues we already resolved

Resolved WordPress issues 16-10-2017

WP Homepage disappeared after host migration scripts are being derrered somehow which is breaking parts of my site Get json data that matches advanced custom field Gravity Forms – prevent form to be removed on submit WordPress – get_user_by() returning false WordPress get user input and assign it to the quantity? Multi Step registration on WordPress How to integrate wordpress blog into a custom Single page app website hosted on AWS using AngularJS table doesnot exist wordpress Get WordPress Core Functions in external PHP script In a wordpress site, 'edit page' does not work WordPress is taking over my 404's Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 15-10-2017

WP How can i save a comma format number in a meta field Simply display 3 most recent posts with title/timestamp/category/teaser/link Can't find variable Stripe Woocommerce How to set/assign my own IDs to product I insert in WooCommerce with PHP? Server Ip address in Google Search Results Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting function (T_FUNCTION) How to call get_current_user_id() in plugin Save content's HTML blocks in post_meta or use makeup php functions Customize a textbox pop-up on hover of mouse How to set background image for one specific page on Theme based WordPress page? Add image size option Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 14-10-2017

Mobile Menu doesn't scroll properly in WordPress WordPress function not working as expected reading wordpress video media in post Adding the load more button from my front page to my search page How to sort and display posts by selected category spl_autoload_register for multiple directories ACF Repeater + Modal Using Timber for WordPress admin screens Edit the WordPress Activation Email Syntax error, unexpected “:” [duplicate] Fixed position in a WordPress loop for a few posts Trying to modify wordpress search submit button Inactivate specific settings in accordion module d3js responsive barchart on wordpress (wp-d3 plugin)? Custom post type category page Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 13-10-2017

Get json data in wordpress Call all posts from WordPress database with category names woocommerce_thankyou doesn't trigger consistently WordPress url from category page Get product category based on url, not all categories How Do I Add Sequential Numbers to WordPress Menu add_action( 'wpcf7_before_send_mail') doesnt call/hook my function Combining external JavaScript scripts tools for WordPress changing colorbox size wordpress HTTP Error in WordPress media upload NGINX+Apache Override frontend JS for Woocommerce Checkout How to change text betweem <li> tags with jQuery in WordPress? WooCommerce – Custom User Registration Fields error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by Read More

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Here you can check the latest resolved WordPress issues

Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. All pages redirect to home page
  2. Is possible to read a value from a dynamic HTML table and pass it to an input form?
  3. Google Shopping With Multiple Titles
  4. Wordpress - white screen of death when trying to update a page and/or a file in Editor
  5. cart is not working with more than 3 variations Woocommeerce.?
  6. Apache set Access-Control-Allow-Origin from http to https
  7. Wordpress works fine on admin dashboard but not loading for public
  8. Tranform in ::before breaking child elements in Wordpress navigation menu - CHROME
  9. How to flash error message in wordpress?
  10. Warning: Illegal string offset while searching of product

Resolved issues

  1. How to edit this function to improve performance in Wordpress?
  2. Wordpress get post id
  3. Open Lightbox on onload page
  4. Blogs posts on an alternative page?
  5. Style don't change in form
  6. Using Consolibyte's PHP Devkit to Add a Customer to Quickbooks POS Desktop v.12 w/ Web Connector
  7. How to reset all fields when adding to WooCommerce Cart
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  9. Importing contact form in front-page.php
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