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Resolved WordPress issues 20-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress how to upload a theme without FTP WordPress: some WP Query variables not return results Site doesn't stop loading on firefox and $(window).load never gets called WordPress auto cancel unpaid orders for digital/virtual products Missing Add to Cart button on custom product Cognito User Pool and WordPress Users (signing in to wordpress with AWS) Image goes out of container in wordpress Embed php code in WordPress Updating existing WordPress using newer version of downloaded WordPress Child menu won't open when clicking parent menu Cloud Flare 404 on fonts Make input fields translatable with Polylang wordpress settings api multi dimentional Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 19-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Save Member Data CSV From WordPress to Remote FTP Server Elementor Loading Page Abruptly How to position fields side by side with css WordPress translation words in a page JS – Import data from .xls file WordPress Add banner before my header Having Issues on Using PHP glob() in WordPress HTML – Button Background colour and Pop-up WordPress Looping out child categories with a loop inside of it Weird mobile menu issue with pressing Social share specific parts of a page Add custom Icon in Visual COmposer Correct way to load this JS into wordpress page Facebook Sharing Image with Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 18-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Redirecting sub-folder S3/CloudFront to an external server How to disable pretty urls in WordPress? I want my website's link to display mysite.com/about.php instead of mysite.com/about if statement still outputting code despite not being true A non-numeric value encountered on amy_templates.php line 209 Basic Auth doesn't work in WordPress rest api v2 Postman Change icons depending a php condition WordPress Query Args – Include post only if it has category with tag How to modify my WordPress global variable WordPress page break plugin does not work in wordpress 4.9 or 4.8? wordpress how to display Gaussian Blur images when user not Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 17-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Today on focus: wordpress URL changes, 404 error, image optimisation plugins, contact form 7 customisation How to modify a set of Markdown files using scripting How to clear WP fastest Cache – Clear page cache every hour automatic wp job manager custom item and filter WordPress wp_insert_post with Title and Featured Image how to use omdb api in wordpress functions.php? How to check existence of any html element by php condition? Show list of terms if empty or not WordPress Gravity Forms Chained Selects Fields to php Is there any way to set the filter from Taxonomy and not for Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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  7. Fixing Advanced Custom Fields “Error uploading file. Please try again.”
  8. Updating ID of wp_posts and post_id of wp_postmeta causes losing content in the web page, why?
  9. How do I autolink in post text that is an exact match of custom taxonomy term & auto tag that taxonomy term against the post on save
  10. Keep getting “customer” sign ups from @Bigg.pw. How to stop

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Add Javascript to wordpress post Not Working
  2. Exporting to Wordpress
  3. WP: How do I use a value from a custom field to generate the permalink on post editing
  4. I can't connect to the webserver
  5. word-press dashboard isn't showing at all even after re-installing word-press
  6. Text of the email according to the product
  7. WordPress: Image type for Front-End post submission form
  8. admin-ajax.php returning 404 status code sporadically
  9. Upload CSV file, convert to JSON file using PHP
  10. Adding a new navigation menu to WP theme

Resolved issues

  1. How to store and save input fields dynamically generated by users in Wordpress?
  2. How to fix featured image quality that appears on mobile devices?
  3. Htaccess Redirect to different folders
  4. Excerpt() not working in my theme (original)
  5. How to generate audio shortcode when there's an mp3 in a link tag in Wordpress
  6. How can I get access to wordpress functions in my ajax-called php script
  7. Wordpress returning 404 for multisite pages
  8. How to call function from other plugin to my plugin [on hold]
  9. Redirect 301 not working properly. How to fix it?
  10. Limit Wordpress Network site posts
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