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Resolved WordPress issues 08-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Echo Option Value Based On WordPress User Role Migrate WordPress content to Sitefinity WordPress toggle menu is not functioning working with floats mysql WordPress sends lots of sleep sql query to mysql Suddenly getting error in Wpbakey plugin/ Visual Composer WordPress edit/delete post error with “There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. ” What files to create/modify to create an plugin update that includes adding a column in a table? Upload files to WordPress site from iOS app ACF date-picker add one year wordpress theme multisearch plugin WordPress autoupdate Hide dropdown options Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 07-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Get 404 when try open author page WordPress / Staging / Temporarily Adjust Root-Relative Links How to make max-width property robust to php calls / dynamic css Get Category Name from WordPress Search Results Page Custom product field to change product total price in wordpress PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant ALTERNATE_WP_CRON [duplicate] Custom page template in every custom post type page WordPress: Fetch images of a post and put them in slider (create an individual slider for each post respectively)? WordPress Hierarchical custom post type automatically added to menu SMTP/Wordpress – Can't send any mails with mail() function Customize Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 06-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

How to <FilesMatch> a wordpress page in htaccess? Expanded mobile menu doesn't collapse after clicking link Raspberry-Pi 3: LAMP Web Server with WordPress How do I add a new column to the products table? Which WordPress plugin is the best for exporting Child theme's customized files from Customize section? WordPress theme php to pdf conversion error OTP for WordPress registration WordPress search template – not showing exact search results but all posts get_post_meta for inline CSS Hi please help me to download wordpress theme Error – Client Mail – “Relaying not permitted” Show Credits Balance in other plugin moola mojo Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 05-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

cookie expiring on browser close for password protected page on wordpress How to override the function get_header_image() in WordPress? WordPress: Plugin based custom post types WordPress Advanced Custom Fields display content if no option What decides what claims are exposed in WP OAuth Server? Can't override parents javascript with my child themes javascript WordPress Post ID WordPress theme wont show when I try and link it with PHP? How to output just the excerpt text of a post with timber post? How to count click/view of my WordPress site videos? Getting CloudFront to Work with EC2 WordPress Installation + Route Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Can’t change New Order recipient email address [on hold]
  2. Assignments submission plugin for wordpress? [on hold]
  3. Make Wordpress post edit left hand side column to be on top of right hand side column in small resolutions
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  5. Wordpress preg_match apostrophe
  6. posts_per_page and offset aren't working. Whats wrong?
  7. Is there a hook to change the WordPress “reset password form”?
  8. Meta_key Wordpress
  9. Get data from PHP to JavaScript to show positions of divs as posts on the index page
  10. How to run PHP on a link with a masked a URL?

Resolved issues

  1. How do I make the landing page of website appear on Google and not “Index of /”?
  2. Automatically assign products to a defined product category,All discounted products for a definite range [on hold]
  3. WordPress field in wp_terms table
  4. SSL breaks a users ability to upload an image
  5. padding adjustment for pages and posts (left and right sides) of WordPress site
  6. Unable to install jetpack on my wordpress website
  7. XML Error: AttValue " or ' expected Wordpress Error on SVG
  8. wp_schedule_single_event doesn't work successfully
  9. How can i protect my pdf data on wordpress website from developer who is making my website [on hold]
  10. Is there any way to find Date Fields in Tag [on hold]
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