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Resolved WordPress issues 25-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Query all pages including subpages of child pages in WordPress why is wordpress adding an unwanted part to every search query url? Can I hide a :before or :after element if the original div has no content? Calling ACF field that is on custom taxonomy post Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Class not found Website icons all become a box, chrome check later found the image upload issue wordpress [on hold] How Can I add insert to my database with WP in my custom plugin? RewriteRule to add file extension with dynamic ID's [duplicate] WordPress – simple job board plugin[ 2.4.6 Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 24-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Why does a row set to full-width has a width of 89% in Divi theme? WordPress custom post type permalink rewrite posts issue WordPress Frontend plugin error with ajax calling in response from action function Should I remove the “-” Symbol in my posts? Jquery Ajax Bad Request 400 WordPress Widget Simeydotme UI slider pips not working on windows How to pass extra variable in WP admin edit.php PHP get hash URL in wordpress with Javascript Ajax Magic Hide text within ID but not the rest [duplicate] connect to local WordPressDB using XML-RPC WordPress site has a lot of connection Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 23-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

Today on focus: custom post type, drop down menu, wordpress child theme Order products by nearest locations WordPress site with encoding error What software produces this pattern of redirect? WordPress slow time to first byte (is it impossible?) WordPress Widgets Scripts Load in Specific Page Load Yoast metadata from another page How can I add a delete function to this script to delete file on server Can I recover a xampp site / wordpress DB from another drive? GatsbyJS & WordPress REST API 401 Unauthorized Error Make WordPress Boostrap menu top link not a link Display different logo on mobile Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 22-01-2018

WordPress resolved issues

On focus today: custom taxonomy, taxonomy term, multi-lingual wordpress, google pagespeed Need to show only parent categories with count and accending by posts count in it Using string as URL for WordPress PDF Embedder PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘width’, ‘height’ (WordPress debugging) WordPress PODS – Admin field not displaying for role: Editor Inline styles disappear from local WP site to live WP site Custom metabox cmb2 file ftp media upload WordPress Accessing WordPress posts externally from another domain PHP | WordPress | Multiple navigation menus with similar args How to hide option “Show All” on portfolio istope Polylang not Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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  8. Permanently moving a domain to subdirectory without affecting the SEO, Google Analytics
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  10. Form not submitting in Wordpress using JQuery

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Polylang redirects to homepage for none translated post type
  2. How to display total price of all product in one category using Wordpress
  3. Contact form7 is not getting the right one & Hello World post is not removed
  4. Removing author name from all posts only if post author is admin (wordpress)
  5. Browser: Identifier input has already been declared, but only on wordpress?
  6. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Wordpress website hosted on GCP
  7. Wordpress Multisite Error - After change ip to domain
  8. How do I redirect old category to new category using the Redirection plugin in Wordpress?
  9. hide publish button for specific user wordpress [closed]
  10. If Nav links is more than 10 show Hamburger menu

Resolved issues

  1. ACF Cannot get_field() after using INNER JOIN
  2. Restoring wordpress site using .zip and .sql onto AWS
  3. Media Storage limit for user role
  4. Wordpress: Use Custom Field Value as Tag in Wp_Query
  5. Previous Next Shortcode for custom post type in Wordpress
  6. CF7 delay submission until variable changes
  7. Using current user id and user name in an array
  8. Regex match specific tags and any characters in between
  9. How to upload a media on Wordpress using REST api and Json?
  10. Wordpress change the permalink
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