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Resolved WordPress issues 23-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Add query variable at the start of the url (after base url) Missing Widgets in WordPress dashboard? Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 1 bytes error Need to auto detect country in woo-commerce checkout page Share page, product or service to Social Media with verification to get product discount or for free WordPress Custom post query for owl-carousel Unable to delete elements from DOMDocument? Cascaded Selects in one form without Database Woocommerce Custom Checkout Field With gstin Regex Single custom post type 1 is archive custom post type 2 in wordpress Verify a Product – Woo Commerce WooCommerce – Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 22-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Auto append sting to links on posts Advanced Custom Fields Programatically clone fields How to show home page first in SEO rather than company profile in wordpress Custom suit making feature in wordpress Switch vs if Comparison RegEx for surrounding WordPress Shortcodes for translate content WordPress featured image with fallback as a background image WordPress customizer values in TinyMCE How to display post_types from each taxonomy with comment WordPress: PHP, JSON and MySql Escaping issues profile_update hook and custom taxonomy Basic HTML WordPress: Position two images next to each other Download file from wordpress custom post width pods plugin WordPress Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 21-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress – Woocommerce: different bank account per product wordpress shortcode caching HTML/Jscript/Contact Form 7: Easiest way to hide several labels at once jQuery(this).val().trim is undefined WordPress images not going in subdirectory Braintree hosted fields not showing correctly Custom admin page for Custom Post Type when there is not any post How to hide ‘Add To Cart’ for variable products, but keep product variations visible Unable to upload image in wordpress admin page How to remove duplicate posts from all site? Weird issue with PHP on localhost vs test server (apache2) WordPress Custom Post Type On Publish Email Fatal error: Unknown: Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 20-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

submit to ninja form programatically ACF repeater get specific row by name Pass parameters in get_part_template in shortcode In woocomerce, how to get the tax rate used in an order for one product ? For shipping? fetch products by category and manage them independently react redux In woocomerce, how to get the address_id used in an order for billing? WordPress, Subscriber role with Public access. No subscriber role no public access WordPress – VC Post Grid doesn’t display image after migration Woocommerce: Any way to bypass and replace checkout form validation? The top header image is shaking/twitching when you start Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Wordpress Rest API showing theme custom fields within the end point url are refusing to update via a post command
  2. Generate new post WordPress based on MySQL database
  3. Iframe (ads) is blur in Chrome when it is resized to fit in sidebar div
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  6. how to upload image to wordpress with flutter using REST API
  7. Setting CSS property - filter: blur(x) with JS for site-inner class within genesis framework; Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null
  8. Error on wordpress on my VPS: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress [on hold]
  9. Netlify deploy with results of TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
  10. How to position text at the same vertical level across columns

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How to target a specific group on Buddypress (WordPress) to show it on a widget?
  2. Is it possible for Month names to be shown in my language
  3. Displaying and grouping posts
  4. Wordpress custom endpoints (WP_REST_Controller) 404 only on mobile
  5. Set default value in database [on hold]
  6. How do I programmatically set a user as spam in BuddyPress?
  7. Can i edit styling of form in ultimate member wordpress plugin?
  8. wordpress product attribute not creating automatically only work size and color other attributes not work need to add manually again same attribute
  9. Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression on WordPress website
  10. Wordpress website hacked and .htaccess file is creating automatically with strange code

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress gutenberg editor gallery first image missing [on hold]
  2. how to fix the error No Input file specified on wordpress when using .php extention on pages
  3. How do I integrate Chargebee api to wordpress?
  4. Sorting a wp_query with more than one 'orderby'?
  5. Wordpress API: Sort posts by sticky and date
  6. Column background color not showing up
  7. How to show a row for each column?
  8. Wordpress site's frontend css styles not loading [on hold]
  9. Get the just added term_id (WordPress)
  10. Permalink structure does not get updated
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