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Resolved WordPress issues 26-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Woocommerce: Store incremental order number, per variation Give class to list item if item has submenu in custom menu structure Finding tags in php files in wordpress Design WordPress [on hold] WordPress posts__not_in not functioning Cakephp3 prevent route to WordPress blog by htaccess How get path of file to attach in “File Attachment” Scheduled sale ended, but variable product still appears to be on sale when viewing the product – Woocommerce How to correctly escape single quotes in a WordPress pivot table query? WordPress – ACF – Repeater with date and title Woocommerce single-product page – Show all variation images Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 25-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Building a personalization engine Displaying WordPress category images with category How I can limit access of site admins to specific results of gravity forms entires? write javascript in php How to add a class to anchor tag in WordPress? How to select a value in select options by passing key in jquery How to pass product information to woocommerce plugin? Font icon manager wordpress showing square instead of icon Fading out a video Div if the first menu is not Active WordPress Blog Archive URL without Page How to automatically resize/crop images in wordpress Is WordPress WP API changed? generating Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 24-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

ACF Repeater Slider – Start loop on 2nd row WordPress On IIS / Windows curl error 18 – transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining Pop-out on wordpress WordPress not queuing scripts wordpress twentyseventeen social media share icons without plugin advice needed. WC Add custom fields value to packages Why can’t I get this header – built w/Thrive Architect – to go full-width? Passing parameters to WordPress static front page How To Install MariaDB 10.2.9.tar.gz on CentOS-7 Woocommerce display price without tax on variable products Woocommerce Order By Billing Name Arrow up and down keys not scrolling on website How Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 23-10-2017

WordPress resolved issues

Add query variable at the start of the url (after base url) Missing Widgets in WordPress dashboard? Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 1 bytes error Need to auto detect country in woo-commerce checkout page Share page, product or service to Social Media with verification to get product discount or for free WordPress Custom post query for owl-carousel Unable to delete elements from DOMDocument? Cascaded Selects in one form without Database Woocommerce Custom Checkout Field With gstin Regex Single custom post type 1 is archive custom post type 2 in wordpress Verify a Product – Woo Commerce WooCommerce – Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Implementation of Wordpress Mega Menu [closed]
  2. WordPress: WP_Query with posts from a category and meta_query or only another meta_query
  3. Fixing file permission in AWS bitnami wordpress
  4. Revolution Slider percentage spinner
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  6. How to block custom post type listing page in WordPress?
  7. How to solve 5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. p9sm5870703wrs.55 - gsmtp in product purchase
  8. Wordpress add custom key and value to wp_query response
  9. WordPress Site missing Dashboard after migration
  10. Display blog posts on any page on wordpress query is not working

Resolved issues

  1. Php loop through through array and assign it to a specific iterated number
  2. Javascript Add 30 or 20, 22 days to an original date?
  3. Prevent timeout when exporting to a CSV
  4. Nginx Reverse Proxy from multiple Upstream Servers
  5. Simple Swift Wordpress post task
  6. Why is my onload not working in Wordpress?
  7. if else statement gives array
  8. force load wordpress into div [closed]
  9. Wordpress wp-content 404 (cannot locate documents)
  10. Text replacing button with CSS [duplicate]
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