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Resolved WordPress issues 06-12-2019

WordPress resolved issues

Custom taxonomy terms not printing in order Wpforms dropdown menu populate with SQL How to show total views in posts single page and home page How to change heading style of section title in homepage of storefront theme using PHP [closed] Field data not showing at front end WordPress Admin Menu, display an other name for the top level Contact Form 7 – on link click fill text field is there a way to fetch ACF field data in wp-admin JSON Request for an UIImage from WordPress Post WordPress add rewrite rules and conditions in plugin development What is the Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 05-12-2019

WordPress resolved issues

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Resolved WordPress issues 04-12-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress WPforms customization I am unable to enqueue a vue js script in child theme to override a parent vue script Automatic Directors grid list using plugins Slick carosuel in wordpress (b.$slides is null) I can't change homepage for my wordpress website How to create WordPress search buttons for a single book title within several external digital platforms? my JS file are not adding in wordpress custom theme? How to get profile picture of youtube channel without using any key What Impact will Multiple Minify and Optimizing Plugins have on a WordPress website? Removing the last loop comma as needed Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 03-12-2019

WordPress resolved issues

Change the homepage in WordPress via CLI CPanel Cronjob to press a button / run a script WordPress Elementor Template footer sticks to top on some pages Gutenberg styles doesnt work in my own template Notice: id is called in the wrong way. The properties of the product should not be directly accessible How can I find out input type hidden value in pre_validation filter for my gravity form? Using the WordPress GeoIP Detection Plugin with a Custom Made Checkout How to use “wordpress-mobile/AztecEditor-iOS” framework in a Swift iOS project? Gutenberg RichText Custom block Attributes. “Array & Children” or “String Read More

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Easy WordPress automation

Switching from human control to automation is an essential step in increasing the efficiency of website development or maintenance. During the past decade, WordPress advanced a lot and became a fully functional Content Management System. Thanks to some of its internal features a large portion of its functionality could be easily automated. The following articles give ideas on how to apply successful automation:

Speed up WordPress

Speed is an important matter when it comes to website success. In order to appear on the first page except for applying the well-known SEO techniques, you will also have to pay special attention to the performance of your website. We have reviewed a number of options and prepared articles for the most important aspects that include database management and dealing with different types of content:

Extend WordPress features

Extending the standard WordPress functionality by building new features was always a hot topic. Developing themes that provide next-level User Experience could also be described similarly. Thanks to the established standards WordPress developers could create standardized extensions that can be downloaded from the official repository. In the following articles, we described some simple techniques that would help start developing your own extensions:

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