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Resolved WordPress issues 13-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress remove items from menu post Disable the checkout option in wordpress How to fix “Next button appearing in the left side rather than right” Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_redirect() How to display Off-Canvas-Menu trigger on top of menu How do I break my comment section out of my page-content? WordPress ajax response returning whole page How can I find out if a specific plugin is active in WordPress from JavaScript? How can I catch a link trigger so that I can pass a parameter? how to change attribute “visible on product page” to enable from php my Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 12-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

How can I upload a code animated graphic that I made using java to WordPress? How to (varnish) cache webp images based on accept header Permission denied within Azure container registry image How can I extend shopping cart lifetime without modifying session expiration? How do I iterate through WordPress admin menu sub menus? How to query a custom post type taxonomy to create a taxonomy list for a template page mysql query to select data between two dates from datepicker doesn't work [duplicate] Custom admin edit page for single custom post type Web page not serving in IIS. Took too Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 11-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

how can I develope the wordpress core? WordPress (4.9.10): Permalinks do not work, rewrite_rules are not set in database How to trigger a submission after POST (GF API v2) How to whitelist the order-received page in wordpress using the force-login plugin WordPress ACF return no translated field from Mobile How to allow the insertion of random strings after the permalink generated by an article written with wordpress? Multiple categories, one template PHP file with pages loop? The text is not being scaled properly when looking on a mobile phone Checking metavalue from WordPress DB doesn't work with pages How to Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 10-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

How to fix a blank screen when editing post with image wordpress It's possible to add a recaptcha on a disqus plugin for comments on wordpress Check in WordPress if the oppened post belong to a category VueJS render <script> tags with v-html How to register a local directory as a composer package How to edit a Row Content Wrapper in WordPress Theme Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) – WordPress WordPress responsive design not working on mobile correctly Turning Off Infinite Scroll WordPress not saving changes to HTML after making change Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Advice on resolving HTTP 500 on WP site?
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  4. How to rearrange WordPress REST API comments?
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  6. WordPress add access for users to edit his comments
  7. Show directories and files in wordpress uploads folder
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  9. Contact 7 form is causing error in my website afrter updated to the latest wordpress 5.0
  10. How to Add Javascript Code to Button to track the Clicks in Wordpress

Resolved issues

  1. how to print a variable javascript in a onmousedown event?
  2. Contact form 7 WordPress plugin not showing sender email
  3. Does Wordpress list all pages for crawlers?
  4. How to update links on a WordPress website from Google Drive automatically after changing hosts?
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  6. How to keep the same page for different languages
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  8. How to echo something after header tag (wordpress)?
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  10. APIProjectMapError when using WP Google Map plugin to display map
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