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Resolved WordPress issues 09-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

Googleboot keep crawling non-existing page, not my actual page How to block get requests from my wordpress site Google Analytics not showing referrer Network WordPress – change subdomain url sql injection attack on wordpress cannot declare class Mixpanel because the name is already in use? Blog Archives – Side Cut Off and Column Sizes How to make a post category private by default when published only by subscriber role? Get ACF value from custom taxonomy Update button on the edit page/post is not working How to display the published date instead of last modified in this particular WordPress code snippet Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 08-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

I want to use my theme header FOR A FOLDER WITH SOME PAGES nav_menu_link_attributes not outputing the value Can a conditional logic be added to htaccess multisite to redirect to www and https except for a single domain? Exclude specific category from Related Posts Integrate Open edX with WordPress How can I using ajax to Upload HTML5 Canvas to WordPress Restricts few categories from the pages in wordpress Docker local environment custom local domains (hosts file?) Single Sign On (SSO) between WordPress (latest) and Joomla 1.5 Issue with AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin Need a jquery slider Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 07-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

Error adding codesample plugin to TinyMCE in WordPress Sending custom post type though front end via ajax how to fix error “Maximum call stack size exceeded” Put variable in WordPress shortcode with Timber Apply WordPress function on specific page id(s) How to duplicate ACP Pro settings in a different hosted WP? Photoswipe maisonry gallery opens lightbox but img url immediately after How to change size of header in wordpress theme WordPress Category disappears from Document Panels w/ Permalink Setting other than Plain How to get page template name? e.g. Template Name: template name WordPress : shortcodes or global variables for Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 06-06-2019

WordPress resolved issues

wp-cli install plugin in site language Send e-mail to admin on form submission using wp_mail() [duplicate] WP_MEMORY_LIMIT does not increase the possibility of uploading I want to create a project video site like that Customizer in WordPress issues in the console 403? How do I fix my HTML code in my form to submit properly into my form database plugin? How to filter WP_User_Query() by role on form submission get_the_title() with nested shortcodes Gravity forms update custom filed in custom post type Has anyone displayed a Salesforce Dashboard component on WordPress site? If so, how? How to multiply the value Read More

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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Resolved issues

  1. how to print a variable javascript in a onmousedown event?
  2. Contact form 7 WordPress plugin not showing sender email
  3. Does Wordpress list all pages for crawlers?
  4. How to update links on a WordPress website from Google Drive automatically after changing hosts?
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  10. APIProjectMapError when using WP Google Map plugin to display map
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