Resolved WordPress issues 21-01-2018

On focus today: permalinks, geolocation, page tags, social media share icons Adsense ads not showing consistently how to add post_not_in to visual composer loop How to get rid of choppy scroll down on mobile WordPress page? HTML element missing and not well formatted in PHP if statement Wix or WordPress for Uber like Site building Local WordPress Installation: Not Sending Data Creating subdomains for file store users [on hold] WordPress Html5 Blank not reading style.css PHP issue – Unable to place static URL in code WordPress dont load css on iphone 4s, iphone 6s+ menu created dynamically is not working Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 17-10-2017

WP plugin to change post category *multiple times* based on date keep active css menu on one page wordpress Is there any way to call wp_delete_user() on click of anchor tag or button? My script seems to work fine in browser but not in wordpress WordPress external website embed in a page wordpress search results only showing if admin is logged in In the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP WooCommerce – Buy 10, get 3 free – only the cheapest 3 are free Making an Excel export URL in WordPress Read More

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Easy WordPress automation

Switching from human control to automation is an essential step in increasing the efficiency of website development or maintenance. During the past decade, WordPress advanced a lot and became a fully functional Content Management System. Thanks to some of its internal features a large portion of its functionality could be easily automated. The following articles give ideas on how to apply successful automation:

Speed up WordPress

Speed is an important matter when it comes to website success. In order to appear on the first page except for applying the well-known SEO techniques, you will also have to pay special attention to the performance of your website. We have reviewed a number of options and prepared articles for the most important aspects that include database management and dealing with different types of content:

Extend WordPress features

Extending the standard WordPress functionality by building new features was always a hot topic. Developing themes that provide next-level User Experience could also be described similarly. Thanks to the established standards WordPress developers could create standardized extensions that can be downloaded from the official repository. In the following articles, we described some simple techniques that would help start developing your own extensions:

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