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WordPress database management automation

The normal functionality of the WordPress database has a crucial effect on the performance of the website. Many users around tend to neglect this topic and usually has serious problems with malfunctioning features or slowly working websites. This article aims to reveal some techniques that would help automate WordPress database management. For a better understanding of the matter let’s see what is Mysql database:  A database is an optimized, structured and organized set of data. You can think of it as a shelf where you put and get things. WordPress uses such shelf to store information about your content which Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 21-11-2017

In focus today: gallery thumbnai, thumbnail grid, wordpress database, wordpress sidebar, Javascript. Wait for nested fetch promises WordPress image gallery thumbnail grid – click to view more Super Socializer: Hide Social Sharing Icons in Widgets WordPress members cannot access member only content WordPress WPDB Insert Not Working Multi argument search wordpress WordPress – Custom metabox (price by season and date range) for custom post type configure nginx server to route to another server call data from database and print it on my page Isotope + infiniteScroll + WordPress WordPress: notify the admin when a user reads & accepts Convert html Read More

Resolved WordPress issues 07-11-2017

On focus today: wordpress widgets; wordpress database; custom taxonomy; menu alignment; currency converter; featured image How can I add profit or total win vallue wordpress php betslip? htaccess ignore my ignore line or ignoring everything (except the homepage) datepicker.min.js error at wordpress plugin How to display list of widgets in WordPress? Front page hero background image improperly scaled on Mobile We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the database WordPress | Custom taxonomy template returning empty unmatched rows Send e-mail including post meta when post Read More

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Easy WordPress automation

Switching from human control to automation is an essential step in increasing the efficiency of website development or maintenance. During the past decade, WordPress advanced a lot and became a fully functional Content Management System. Thanks to some of its internal features a large portion of its functionality could be easily automated. The following articles give ideas on how to apply successful automation:

Speed up WordPress

Speed is an important matter when it comes to website success. In order to appear on the first page except for applying the well-known SEO techniques, you will also have to pay special attention to the performance of your website. We have reviewed a number of options and prepared articles for the most important aspects that include database management and dealing with different types of content:

Extend WordPress features

Extending the standard WordPress functionality by building new features was always a hot topic. Developing themes that provide next-level User Experience could also be described similarly. Thanks to the established standards WordPress developers could create standardized extensions that can be downloaded from the official repository. In the following articles, we described some simple techniques that would help start developing your own extensions:

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