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WordPress related posts without plugin

WordPress related posts basics If you are reading this post, then perhaps you are wondering how to display WordPress related posts without a plugin. That task is actually not that hard to be accomplished. In the following guide I will show you two approaches to find and display related posts with just little pieces of custom code. Before starting this training session, I would like to take a moment and explain that related articles are extremely useful for the visitors. This way they find more and valuable information. If the landing page offers related posts on the matter, then you Read More

WordPress wp_query or how to customize the loop

As you may know WordPress uses loop mechanism to find and output content to the pages of your website. It is based on URLs which determine what to pass into the loop. If you are browsing category page, then depending on the number of the articles per page, that loop will generate an output for you. In many cases however, the site owners need a custom wordpress loop. Standard wordpress loop In this tutorial we will learn how to work with the_query and customize its default behavior in order to fit our needs. Now let’s look at the default structure Read More

How to create WordPress theme from scratch

Developing WordPress themes from scratch is pretty interesting task that involves well understanding of how WordPress exactly works and what are its internal hooks and functions. I personally recommend following the general standards to avoid conflicts with the other extensions or themes, especially when it comes to naming convention. Today we are going to learn the basics of how to create custom wordpress theme from scratch. Unlike the other tutorials I found online that explain how to work on the server by using FTP, I will explain how to create the WordPress theme files on your local device, add the Read More

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