WordPress and WooCommerce issues 16-11-2017

On focus today: coupon code, cart page, image thumbnails, checkout

  • Add Applied Coupon Code in Admin New Order Email Template – WooCommerce
  • Best Plugins For Woocommerce Product Affiliate
  • Checkbox field in woocommerce/ Cart page
  • Get URL of variation image thumbnails in WooCommerce
  • Header section missing on WooCommerce products page
  • How to change WooCommerce product cards
  • How to develop a woocommerce extension?
  • How to display Applied Coupon Code In New Order Mail To Admin – WooCommerce
  • Listing product titles of products added to cart via shortcode in WooCommerce
  • Need help in editing a tab in Woocommerce product page
  • Removing Price from Woocommerce Emails
  • Show customer details on WooCommerce Thankyou page even if not registered
  • Simple woocommerce checkout page
  • Tweaks and Edits woocommerce customizations
  • WooCommerce Custom Template Adding Only Last Product in the row to the cart
  • WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options position of the content
  • WooCommerce set_height() Not Working as Expected
  • Woocommerce – Membership2 shared cart for 2 users
  • Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator
  • Woocommerce Special Pricing
  • Woocommerce Tax Issue
  • Woocommerce WordPress Adding Images to an Order in Cart
  • Woocommerce custom sorting products in shop page
  • Woocommerce deletes all carts
  • Woocommerce: Add Price Suffix incl. Hyperlink
  • Woocommerce: All new completed orders to on-hold (COD in particular) and send only one on-hold email as a standard confirmation
  • WordPress/ Woo commerce plugin
  • WordPress WooCommerce Checkout – SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
  • mysql – woocomerce how to fetch products in a category
  • woocommerce api authorization not working in node js app?
  • woocommerce wordpress running in EC2 AWS loads very slow

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  6. acf/validate_value not working on acf 4.4.12
  7. On install create the database tables and insert not working - wordpress plugin
  8. Error for footer.php
  9. inline-block doesn't prevent menu elements from overlapping when minimizing browser
  10. WP All Import Pro: Polylang compatibility

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  3. Fusion builder is not working in WordPress 4.9.6 version
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