WordPress and WooCommerce issues 23-02-2018

  • Active Atributte in stock woocommerce
  • Add a custom body class when basket has items in Woocommerce
  • Change product thumbnail on cart/my account/ order review in woocommerce
  • Display the discounted subtotal after discount on pdf invoice in Woocommerce
  • Hide the “free trial” text from Woocommerce Subscriptions price
  • Highlight active attributes sizes value in stock in Woocommerce
  • How to bulk change the products price from one currency to another in woocommerce?
  • How to create woocommerce product widget? [on hold]
  • How to remove “Hello Member” in Woocommerce Checkout page?
  • Show total price for grouped product on shop page in Woocommerce
  • SolidTrust Pay woocommerce Integration
  • Update product min price on payment complete in Woocommerce
  • What Is wrong with my WooCommerce pagination?
  • What happen once a free-trial is exceeded in Woocommerce Subscriptions?
  • WooCommerce Callback Valid URL not provided
  • WooCommerce logout endpoint not working
  • WooCommerce single product slider last item is looks wrong
  • WooCommerce: Add header to hooked in e-mail template information
  • Woocommerce “woocommerce_product_get_price” issue
  • Woocommerce Booking Form on WordPress post without going in to the product by just setting the product id
  • Woocommerce Checkout text not showing into page
  • Woocommerce Login redirect to different pages according to referrer
  • Woocommerce Products Brand Issue
  • Woocommerce adding image to product gallery fails
  • Woocommerce affiliate JavaScript integration codes
  • Woocommerce and compatible with affiliate program
  • Woocommerce checkout page keeps loading only on HTTPS, but fine on HTTP
  • Woocommerce data in the plugin to work with track codes
  • Woocommerce dont show price hint and strikethrough price on main shop page
  • Woocommerce product addons – check if a product has a specific Addon Group
  • Woocommerce slider item shows placeholder
  • Woocommerce slider item shows placeholder [on hold]
  • WordPress overwrite “Woo credits” plugin
  • parts of WordPress / Woocommerce won't translate even with plugins and .mo files checked
  • woocommerce added fee is not calculating always 0 neather total price

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