WordPress and WooCommerce issues 28-06-2018

  • Add custom meta data to admin order edit pages in Woocommerce 3
  • Add the option “multiple” to add to cart form html in Woocommerce
  • Check the status of recent uncompleted orders in Woocommerce 3
  • Custom Shortcode Ajax Pagination in WooCommerce Tab
  • Display woocommerce sub-categories when on a parent categiory page
  • Fix Html &bnsp; error in Woocommerce Checkout [on hold]
  • Get custom input and update to woocommerce
  • Get sku from Woocommerce product bookings in a WP_Query
  • How I can get the categories of an current product ordred hearchicaly in woocommerce?
  • How do I hook into WooCommerce product category updates?
  • How to display amd use Woocommerce sale price (dynamically calculated by formula) but only if product is marked as “Featured”
  • How to display the woocommerce product tags of only featured product or recent product.
  • How to fix this Woo-commerce / WordPress error?
  • How to make a woocommerce add-to-cart REST API
  • How to update or change and remove an attribute value programmatically in WooCommerce?
  • How to update or change and remove an attribute value programmatically in WooCommerce? [on hold]
  • Passing JavaScript variables to a WooCommerce personalized product
  • Prevent processing data multiple times in Woocommerce thankyou hook
  • Price calculating with upselling accesoires WooCommerce
  • Price calculating with upselling accesoires WooCommerce [on hold]
  • Safe hide checkout fields for WooCommerce
  • Show discount percentage in WooCommerce sale button
  • Translating a label text on product images in Woocommerce archive pages
  • WooCommerce – change custom base slug to product-category slug
  • WooCommerce custom checkout.js – Order being placed with billing address as shipping address
  • WooCommerce get sale price
  • WooCommerce woocommerce_admin_settings_sanitize_option use
  • Woocommerce – Custom recipient email defined on checkout page
  • Woocommerce Composite Product Component options to be a tag
  • Woocommerce hide add to cart except for 1 user role
  • Woocommerce search loads 100% CPU, how to fix? [on hold]
  • Woocommerce: Adding second email address not working, unless recipient is admin
  • wc_get_product(Product_id) doesn't work in a file called by ajax?
  • wordpress https login redirects to woocommerce account

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