WordPress ads strategy 2018

Posting regularly news, products or services in the social networks would drive more targeted traffic towards your website. This usually results in lower bounce rate, because the visitors know what they are looking for and what is the purpose of the visit.

Community focus could also be kept focused with regular mails. Building a mail list is strategy used by many. Luckily there are a number of plugins that support subscription option, so you can give it a try.

Monitor what the visitors do on your website

Monitoring the visitor’s behaviour is important part of wordpress ads strategy. Google analytics for example is just a great tool that supports a lot of options which give you a clear idea what is happening on your website. You can easily determine the landing and exit pages and take certain actions to keep the visitors longer on your website.

Once you have a list of your top landing pages, you can start reviewing them and placing ads on certain locations. As already mentioned, the preferred location is inside the post. Again, do not try to mask the ads. Even though you may achieve some success at a certain moment, the things in the long run may go terribly wrong.

Pay attention to the returning visitors. If you achieve higher value, then you are doing a great job. Any given website is about teaching someone to do something. The more valuable and educational content you have, the more visitors will return to learn more.

High bounce rate and short visits are also alarming. Bounce rate over 80% usually refers to unsatisfied visitors who leave your website without clicking any link or visiting other post or page. A large number of short visits are also a problem. Having in mind that a standard article of 700 words cannot be read and understand under 30 seconds, the presence of short visits is definitely showing a low satisfaction rate.

I intentionally point the attention to all these little problems, because the problem with wordpress ads strategy is not usually caused by big problems, but those small ones. Solving them is crucial for the ultimate goal.

Drive the visitors to stuff that pays more

Now let’s see what pays more. In general the more interesting and comprehensive articles attract more visitors and potentially clicks on your wordpress ads. That being said, the landing pages are the most important pages. They make the first impression and affect positively or negatively your strategy.

It is recommended to take time and build really eye-catching landing page. You can use some of the well known builders for the development. To those who do not have any experience with Elementor or Visual Composer, I would say they are really easy to understand and work with.  

Depending on the specifics of your website, your wordpress ads strategy might be either based on affiliate links or Google Adsense. To these two are the most trustworthy sources of ads available. Amazon affiliate program for example gives your a great opportunity to control the ads and pick up specific categories. Google Adsense on the other hand, is a bit more general and to me.

If for example, you are selling white cats with blue eyes, then naturally you would bet on Amazon affiliate program. This is because Google may start displaying any other cats with blue eyes or white cats with brown eyes. As you can imagine, this makes the ads irrelevant to some degree which is in contradiction with the wordpress ads strategy.

A little summary in the end

Pay attention to the content on your website. Make sure it is valuable and the customers love it. Put relevant ads in the articles and make them look like good content. Try and rotate them regularly. On many occasions, the customer tend to ignore ads that look like ads. Monitor the behavior flow and intentionally highlight the stuff that pays more.

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