Resolved WordPress issues 01-01-2018

  1. Moving the Git Repository to a Child Folder
  2. Replacing menu item text with user's name upon login in
  3. WordPress: populate text editor with another post in <blockquote>
  4. WordPress Video Tube Plugin
  5. Get keyword that my site searched for
  6. How to pass $_SESSION variables into a function
  7. Select type in custom visual composer item
  8. WordPress 404 on subcategories pagination
  9. In WordPress, how to code a custom form with file upload option and save the records in MySql?
  10. I am using Genesis Framework and want to add the following code in single.php. But the hierarchy is totally changed
  11. How Can I Hide My Web Dir's From Acunetix
  12. Dynamically create wp pages
  13. unable to find $wpdb variable with AJAX call
  14. retrieve value from taxonomy page
  15. Prettyphoto image gallery as custom post type in wordpress
  16. WordPress admin panel not working. Error: Redirecting too many times [on hold]
  17. multiple sub category links on image rollover in wordpress [on hold]
  18. Pages count update after hiding some pages – WordPress
  19. Everything is okay in local drive but these code simply don't work in WordPress
  20. wp-plugin options multi-select not saving
  21. How can I center an opt-in form that doesn't budge at all?
  22. Already have EC2 Instance Running WordPress, How to Create/Configure Auto Scaling & Elastic Load Balancer?
  23. Laravel User to WordPress
  24. How to position DIV within WordPress
  25. wordpress database size widget
  26. JWT authentication and permission_callback
  27. How to setting multiple email SMTP in WordPress
  28. Telegram and FB link preview doesnt show thumbnails of my wp posts
  29. Where to add a filter in functions.php of my WordPress theme?
  30. Taxonomy Category Permalink

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How to order WP_Query by meta key value but first remove letters?
  2. Unknown Error and Strange Characters on Wordpress website [duplicate]
  3. Wordpress live website to localhost throws warnings
  4. Rendering an inline NextJS <Link> component inside of a block of raw text
  5. Wordpress custom plugin help (custom filters and product matching)
  6. Contact Form 7 datepicker - date format not working for other language than english
  7. Plugin child Wordpress
  8. Sent Email not store in sent folder of live server(godaddy server)
  9. Send email when post is created with acf_form in wordpress
  10. Remove meta from user

Resolved issues

  1. I can enter my homepage but can't enter wp-admin
  2. Weird PHP fatal error with one letter change
  3. Can anyone tell me, how to change the search logic in wordpress.
  4. How can I test for WP_Error?
  5. change wordpress page title before rendering (also in Posts Page, etc)
  6. Wordpress pages & posts won't update
  7. PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension required for wordpress while all SQL extensions are ticked, how is this possible?
  8. Use Gutenberg as ACF WYSIWYG editor
  9. Vertical Uber menu is not displaying proper format
  10. Gzip compression in Multisite
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