Resolved WordPress issues 01-07-2019

  1. Whay wordpress is not install in xammp?
  2. New posts don't appears if I add it to new Custom Post Tape. WordPress
  3. Custom Wp-query to show only day 1 of all ocurrences
  4. How show list of categories that have the same posts in common with one special category (that is excluded from the same list)
  5. WordPress Resonsive Image set 'sizes' attribute correctly
  6. How to format code syntax in the wordpress blog?
  7. Nginx redirect WordPress categories and tags
  8. Display child pages in WordPress home page with thumbnail, title and page limit
  9. WordPress user_meta per post
  10. How to condditionally match a group in regex?
  11. a hook for assigning child pages
  12. How do I group forEach results without a key in javascript?
  13. Using a jQuery to pull a random banner image in WordPress
  14. WordPress get attachment url using wpdb
  15. I want to redirect user_id to buddypress members profile in wordpress
  16. How to make react native wordpress with my own theme
  17. Is there a way to add alt text to an img tag using jquery?
  18. WordPress – custom archive page
  19. WordPress: Get Block ID in JavaScript
  20. Python script not found on server
  21. WordPress site protection with unique password for every user
  22. How to sort multi-dimensional array with search option in PHP?
  23. Create WordPress posts with links under /blog
  24. How to design website like bbdaily mobile app using wordpress
  25. how can login a user from android app to wordpress website without writing php code
  26. Ajax does not return php echo
  27. ultimate member private messaging extension not working [duplicate]
  28. Elementor-Image-Size issue (WordPress Plug-ins)
  29. I see element in DOM but I don't see him on the page. WP plugin Jet Menu
  30. How can I import products from another site into Vocommerce?

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Reported WordPress issues

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  2. Enqueueing style.scss file Wordpress (problem displaying slick slider)
  3. Wordpress users login restriction
  4. Add ACF Gallery Image Titles to Search
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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Adding Schema to Breadcrumbs
  2. Can't access wp-admin with virtual host
  3. Getting MySQL Connection Error: (2054) in Dockerised WordPress
  4. WordPress make all post types and taxonomies work on paged index
  5. How can I get meta field value created in custom taxonomy in WordPress?
  6. Remove automatic nested iframe around an external <script> added in the RawJS element of WPBakery
  7. Merge websites, images double ID’s issue
  8. Why my customized CSS for a wordpress theme is not working from cpanel?
  9. How to add categories meta to Ajax Load More [on hold]
  10. Move shipping address fields to custom page

Resolved issues

  1. tcpdf wordpress error in PHP even tho i followed the tcpdf example 1by1
  2. How do I send an email using NextJS and Wordpress REST API?
  3. Dokan WP - link visibility for user
  4. How to post a form in Wordpress?
  5. Is it possible to add a merge tag for the answer of a field into the description field?
  6. How to redirect multiple files in same directory using nginx?
  7. How to properly get wp_editor() formated value?
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  9. How to add height for content post of wordpress?
  10. Why my viewport based script doesn't add classes
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