Resolved WordPress issues 01-12-2017

Today on focus: css3 animation, google maps, stylesheet enqueue

  1. WordPress HTML AJAX JSON get data and parse
  2. Paging works correctly on local version, but not live?
  3. WordPress, ACF and google map loading issue!! need advice
  4. Repetable, global Custom fields in WordPress Theme
  5. Can’t get wp_dropdown_categories to work
  6. Resources with a “?” in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers. Remove the query string a
  7. WordPress – CSS3 Animation not working on Firefox, but working on Chrome/Edge
  8. How to split up an SQL database into multiple files (to be recombined later)?
  9. Child stylesheet not enqueuing
  10. WordPress Auto Update Plugin Isn’t Working
  11. Is there a way to configure WordPress plugins programatically?
  12. How to make sure owl carousel loads first on page, before other content
  13. WordPress Calendar Failure
  14. Css margin on WordPress
  15. WordPress OAuth2.0 notworking
  16. Tracking WordPress tags in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager
  17. two different permalinks for posts wordpress
  18. Passage from one post to another
  19. CRITICAL Call to a member function addPromoRule() on boolean
  20. On physical click the button on one page, open another page and virtually click an item there
  21. Jquery issues not executed in the wordpress plugin
  22. Front-page.php stops working after contact form redirection
  23. Can child single post types have a different single-post_type template (Custom Post Types)?
  24. How to improve the website SEO by “Find and Replace Text” in MySql
  25. How to create an automated list of visitors on a WordPress page?
  26. bs4navwalker drop down not working
  27. No error no execution while writing WordPress plugin
  28. VPS + Docker + Traefik + Multiple WordPress or docker4wordpress – how to set things up properly
  29. buddy press filter using xprofile fields issue
  30. WP User role stays empty when making a new user with extern form

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Reported WordPress issues

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  2. Wordpress 5.1.1 conflict with multiple-content-blocks
  3. Get reviews from booking api
  4. Wordpress - Filter relative taxonomy in custom post type
  5. Customising ACF options page values on save
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  9. How to display the last page when I visit the website in wordpress
  10. How to set / within local wordpress applications to reference the application not http://localhost

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Why does using my home page shows robot.txt (WordPress)?
  2. WordPress : “Warning: Illegal string” after a PHP upgrade to PHP7.2 [duplicate]
  3. WordPress 125% duplicates widgets / Change Media breakpoints
  4. wp_mail use WordPress's default email template for sending email
  5. Why does [post_thumb] only output the image source instead of the image itself?
  6. single-{custom} page not rendering/printing or being picked up by Wordpress
  7. Single image pages - product images doesn't show after importing products
  8. Deletion of categories but not items on wordpress
  9. Posting Comments to WordPress with WPAPI
  10. In WordPress it is clear that the comments plugin has been placed inside the element's framework. Why is it displayed outside?

Resolved issues

  1. Disable MailChimp popup from Mobile
  2. retrieving HTTP Post request from JobAdder
  3. Wordpress Replace Pagination with Numbers
  4. Issues creating custom post, wordpress plugin
  5. Embedding the thumbnails Youtube Videos (php) Wordpress
  6. Get elements by class name and change class name
  7. Bitbucket Pipeline with AWS EB and Wordpress
  8. International website setup with mulitple languages (WordPress)
  9. Redirect custom Wordpress post
  10. Easiest Backend Platform to Use a Product Configurator
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