Resolved WordPress issues 02-04-2019

  1. How to display ACF relationship posts as a loop in a page template
  2. How to use ajax to check unique ID in api and return data based on the unique ID
  3. HOw do I — PHP subscribe button on php website but link to wordpress website database?
  4. Only permalink plain option lets posts be updated or saved on WordPress
  5. Using WP-CLI on Plesk to Update Media w/ Custom Image Size, Not Working
  6. Media upload Alt Text
  7. Gravity form automatically approve
  8. Optimize WordPress for google pagespeed in no time
  9. Something keeps overwritting my php version on my wordpress website
  10. Website's elements size changed when migrated to another host
  11. php outputs outside of designated html
  12. Is something in my code erroring my footer.php?
  13. Algolia search with repeater does not show in result page
  14. How to fix CORS policy permitting null origin or any origin?
  15. Checking if element contains specific text on load and on change
  16. I want to fetch details using social media plugin in my wordpress website
  17. Is it possible to convert a classic wordpress post to custom Gutenberg blocks?
  18. Custom plugin with 2 sub-pages, each with their own wp_list_table. Both tables have the same columns
  19. PHP: Access cookie needs manual refresh, not redirect through link
  20. Some WordPress routes get overwritten when using Vue.js on the frontend
  21. How to stop page from redirecting to the previous visited page?
  22. How to run and edit a WordPress theme in PhpStorm
  23. Creating a widget to open mini-cart
  24. How to replace a specific property value in all css classes/properties that have that value using WordPress child theme/css customizer
  25. Yith Booking Plugin services checkout customisation
  26. How to load css from child theme last?
  27. how To solve resources at was blocked by safe Browsing issue in mozila browser
  28. Replacing part of header through functions.php
  29. Nginx, redirection's regular expression not working properly
  30. Copy wordpress files on building a wordpress child image

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Reported WordPress issues

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  8. Exclude page from restriction
  9. WP All-in-One Migration shows “wp-config already exists”
  10. contact form 7 wordpress dropdown

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Wordpress multisite redirects subpages to homepage
  2. Programmatically add value to custom field based on custom field
  3. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 ()
  4. How to find relavant element from an array based on index using number in the loop?
  5. Wordpress custom Gutenberg Block not reloading correctly
  6. Suddenly starts receiving alert when trying to login to wordpress admin panel
  7. Issue with polish character in FPDF
  8. How to fix theme thumbnails without uploading images to media library?
  9. Highlighting Current Page in Nav_Menu (WordPress) /w SASS
  10. API integration in WordPress to pass login details to app

Resolved issues

  1. How To Allow Special Characters & Capital Letters In Wp Permalink?
  2. Create Submenu with Redux Framework _WordPress
  3. Wordpress Boostrap NavMenu on mobile hides after displaying
  4. Can give access to only one Plugin?
  5. Youtube within a Paywall site
  6. How To Add Custom Fields in Dokan Vendor Dashboard
  7. How to extract Product attributes from Product Variations
  8. Stripe Payment Button Not Responsive
  9. Output ACF Flexible Content fields in a table (with the table header not to be repeated through loop)
  10. How do I create a sliding team section with variable positioning and z-indexes?
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