Resolved WordPress issues 02-06-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • Check Email In WordPress Admin
  • Install WordPress using composer
  • Only the homepage works on a localhost version of WordPress
  • How do I add the mcrypt library to the files on a wordpress site on AWS?
  • phpmyadmin: #1932 table doesn't exist in engine
  • Stripe custom currency option with in stripe custom integrated checkout form
  • improving order of scripts/styles in wordpress
  • Filtering custom post types by two custom fields
  • Homepage doesn't redirect from HTTP to the HTTPS same page
  • WordPress admin Appearance menu not working
  • Call php function in wordpress “More”
  • display taxonomy acf field in loop
  • Set-up and Auto-Populate of Private Client Pages
  • Adding widget to Header.php file doesn't show in the home page?
  • What hook do I need for setting a WordPress Help Sidebar?
  • Linux Apache2 WordPress core in subdirectory but no redirect to wp-admin
  • Template Files missing in wordpress theme folder
  • Show only Published custom type posts with Custom Metaboxes in the WordPress Archive page
  • Toggle Menu in Bootstrap WordPress Theme
  • Add css style on public function after email sent success
  • WordPress displays every post on 404 error page
  • Singlepage WordPress size responsive
  • WordPress avatars lost
  • After migrating my wordpress, the template sends Fatal Errors calling to functions
  • enable query monitor plugin for all user type – none admin
  • No products were found matching your selection. while search products in word press
  • wordpress htaccess http www redirect to https non-www
  • Data not being pulled from a plugin onto the word press page?
  • Display Instagram User “Follower Count” – WordPress Plugin
  • Changing the wp-admin and wp-login.php URL via Bitnami WordPress

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    Reported WordPress issues

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    3. can't insert new db lines from form [duplicate]
    4. How to make gtag conversion in Contact Form 7 additional settings work?
    5. Wordpress Advanced Custom Fields - Update field on custom post delete
    6. Changing IMG Name based on Query Param
    7. Symfony backend to Wordpress frontend
    8. WordPress Enfold Theme: How to use a custom page layout like default layout from blog?
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    WordPress problems we are working on

    1. wordpress custom metabox not sending post data
    2. Links wordpress website stopped working..?
    3. Find Average Price via SQL with variables and functions
    4. I cant seem to properly locate my archive template to use on my plugin
    5. How to fix “dynamically create and associate registration new author category”
    6. Get published date of Wordpress post from URL
    7. How to access form data as an array of json object in PHP
    8. How do I restrict author profile info from Customers who have Basic Subscription?
    9. AUTO_INCREMENT values gone
    10. MySQL timestamp default value invalid

    Resolved issues

    1. Cannot access /wp-admin because of fatal error in post.php
    2. Ajax pagination in wordpress with custom post type on archive.php
    3. How can I add a custom template page to a wordpress mobile theme?
    4. How to get do_shortcode() to stop stripping contents of a shortcode?
    5. Docker Wordpress super slow
    6. How can i send 2 different messages(autoresponder) using single contact form 7 in WordPress based on the selected input value?
    7. Want to redirect wordpress without changing URL path via .htaccess
    8. Contact form 7 gives 500 error, using sendgrid
    9. Nginx+php-fpm. static site + Wordpress
    10. Insert custom classes into WYSIWIG output rendered by tinyMCE via jQuery (handling images with captions in Wordpress)
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