Resolved WordPress issues 03-02-2018

  1. WordPress post spam
  2. WordPress Pagination Not Working (Rewrite Rule)
  3. have few pages on a PHP site powered by
  4. wordpress remove jquery ui cdn from admin panel
  5. search result filter categories wordpress
  6. show product's title below products on product list page
  7. hide certain category from single post
  8. Isotope JS with WordPress
  9. Issue on Adding Multi None Grouped Cheklboxes Into Section of Option Page
  10. WordPress: Scheduled actions menu not available
  11. WordPress or building site on own? Which is more cost efficient?
  12. Correct php formatting for dynamic link text
  13. How to echo string in the column as loop
  14. when i use offset for posts it keep repeating
  15. Adding a new options to my script of og:image
  16. AJAX bad request 400 error after post request (wordpress plugin)
  17. WordPress Customizer inline css to css file
  18. i want to get the current category term in the select box in word press
  19. Insert “????” in mysql database when post from c# code in Persian language
  20. wordpress : error 404
  21. Convert javascript <script> to javascript .js file
  22. Different ads for firts visit page and second visit page [on hold]
  23. In WordPress, on page navigation it rerender every sections or only changed content?
  24. FTP Credentials requested when trying to activate WordPress Theme
  25. Export and Import WordPress custom post type including media to JSON
  26. Remove dashbord acess form wordpress admin
  27. I want to print invoice on button click in tcs cod api [on hold]
  28. Custom price depending on cart values and product properties
  29. file_get_contents not outputting svg
  30. Can't find where the do_action(“This function”) leads to in wordpress theme

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  8. What is wordpress workflow?
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Resolved issues

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