Resolved WordPress issues 03-05-2018

  1. WordPress media queries not working at all
  2. Add WordPress generated classes to wp_get_nav_menu_items()
  3. How to move wp_enqueue_scripts to footer?
  4. wordpress : How to modify continue reading link?
  5. Sorter not display in WP Customizer
  6. How to put this effect on my logos?
  7. Query Posts filtering with multiple keys
  8. add search box in custom wp List Table
  9. Inner Join WP posts table and images
  10. auto add category to multiple post in wordpress via funftions.php
  11. WordPress: wp_enqueue_style not working
  12. getting /NaN/ in path
  13. Delete two first words and first words in a string (title wordpress)
  14. Submenu hidden behind content
  15. Enqueue Javascript in functions.php
  16. WordPress – Sorting posts in the TOP subpage through the largest number of reactions involving the “MyEffecto” plugin
  17. call a variable in a static function to another static function from same class in php
  18. Bootstrap responsive nav button not working
  19. Website has a strange string at the end of URL
  20. Replace words in all wordpress posts
  21. The name and quantity of products on the category page are not displayed
  22. display all scaled images in wordpress media library
  23. Add class using jquery based on scroll postion and page id
  24. php generate links to all wordpress categories
  25. how to redirect only the posts from my old domain to the same posts in the new domain? .htacess?
  26. URL Rewrite Rule To WordPress .htaccess
  27. Active menu on scroll removing class in other pages
  28. How to add custom field in edit user page
  29. I want to add text box in wordpress admin dashboard page
  30. WordPress custom post type redirects me to posts

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Reported WordPress issues

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  2. All States Dropdown for All Countries
  3. changes from localhost wordpress to live site wordpress
  4. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘”localhost”‘
  5. Get WordPress plugin directory URI
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  7. Wordpress User Upload without logging in
  8. How to hide review section from google map
  9. Calculate shipping for 1 product instead of whole cart
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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Including wp-load.php causes fatal error inside a class method
  2. Html5 video is not playing automatically on page load in chrome? [duplicate]
  3. Remove a specific string from url and redirect
  4. learnpress plugin category,archive, feature display
  5. esc_html__() cuts string on space character
  6. Remove “Required” factor from wordpress default editor
  7. ACF Google Maps field only showing one map location inside modal
  8. htaccess multidomain with Wordpress
  9. Do not refresh to keep form open
  10. how to display featured image of pages

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress and product with more than 200 variation
  2. Wordpress newsletter plugin that composes from posts
  3. WP : Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Screen::render_screen_reader_content
  4. Wordpress SVG path not working
  5. Where to host open source library docs?
  6. Add the inbuilt colour palette for Gutenberg custom block
  7. WordPress permalinks object not found
  8. Change app module dynamically in angularjs end to end test
  9. Wordpress (PHP-FPM) + Nginx not serving content
  10. is it possible to create a two row slick slider in which the elements have variable width?
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