Resolved WordPress issues 03-06-2018

  1. Missing features on WordPress Dashboard & Admin Bar
  2. WP REST API – create one or more tags if needed?
  3. CSS changes made on child theme not showing up in website
  4. Run inline javascript on specific page wordpress
  5. WordPress: Instagram embedd on post that have pagination not working
  6. WordPress theme functions issue
  7. WordPress Custom Plugin use Ajax
  8. Changing theme interface for members in wordpress?
  9. Howt to sort sections by an array
  10. Drop database entry on button click from table WordPress
  11. Google (PageSpeed) search result system changing from 1 July 2018
  12. WordPress transfer to another server issue
  13. How to make changes in wordpress data and files from single place when I have 2 aws instance with auto scalling
  14. WordPress Navigation Walker change ul, li for div and anchor tags
  15. WordPress : Is it possible to DISABLE images on Publicize?
  16. wordpress function esc_url not working in https
  17. Links not working on mobile devices (WordPress)
  18. Auto Login After Registration On WordPress
  19. How can i tell this code to redirect to the URL I want?
  20. How to get custom files of posts on WordPress?
  21. Unsure which JS templating engine is being used
  22. Redirection to previous page after login with URL only
  23. Horizontally centering Font Awesome icon and text [on hold]
  24. How can I Replace a column value that match another value in the same column and both share a column identifier
  25. WordPress locked out
  26. How do I troubleshoot status code 500 error for admin-ajax.php
  27. Duplicating / Editing bbpress Widget Not Showing in Widgets List
  28. How to get all sites on a WP multisite to share the main site's posts?
  29. query_posts show recent posts excluding all future posts
  30. Access wordpress website on localhost from remote network

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Ajax call include not works in Wordpress
  2. Loading font options must be accompanied with subset select
  3. How to add and read extra parameters for custom WordPress page
  4. Wordpress category page, post object not available if has sub categories
  5. Include Parent Terms when searching for Children in WordPress Taxonomy Search
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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Unable to use jQuery script in Wordpress plugin
  2. MySQL key-value table update many rows for many ID's at once
  3. Wordpress custom post type pagination using ajax jQuery
  4. Unable to open primary script: /var/www/html/wordpress/index.php (Permission denied)
  5. Paypal Checkout problems
  6. acf/validate_value not working on acf 4.4.12
  7. On install create the database tables and insert not working - wordpress plugin
  8. Error for footer.php
  9. inline-block doesn't prevent menu elements from overlapping when minimizing browser
  10. WP All Import Pro: Polylang compatibility

Resolved issues

  1. Infinite wp_mail loop
  2. Live Notification Heartbeat API
  3. Fusion builder is not working in WordPress 4.9.6 version
  4. Issue shell commands to a remote server via website?
  5. How to add “/” on URL end in Wordpress
  6. Add search to slider in wordpress sites
  7. Correct way to get custom template directory
  8. revshowslide() not working in wordpress plugin
  9. Wordpress, how to run hooks one by one manually?
  10. Get and add wordpress user name in between urls
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