Resolved WordPress issues 03-11-2017

On focus today: featured image, customizer, mobile menu, wordpress thumbnails, media library, wordpress cors

  1. How to remove the featured image from a wordpress post without single.php
  2. Tying a custom HTML link on WordPress with existing JS/Jquery effects
  3. WordPress wp_query() doesn’t work in author.php
  4. WordPress hook before new custom post type load
  5. WPDB – LEFT/INNER JOIN in custom WordPress tables for custom plugin
  6. WordPress installation button not working properly
  7. PHP How to combine and is_front_page()?
  8. URL rewriting with WordPress Rewrite or .htaccess
  9. what is the equivalent of ORDER BY post__in in SQL query
  10. Php-cgi command not working with wordpress multisites
  11. Can’t activate Pro SNAP WordPress plugin
  12. SSL sharing between Apache and Apache tomcat with standard port
  13. WordPress slow/unresponsive and nothing changed.
  14. wp_query for custom category pages
  15. WordPress sub menu not appearing on mobile
  16. Connect WordPress Customizer CSS to style.css
  17. re type password field validation in wordpress website
  18. wp_list_categories() – display first level categories and only current term’s children in subcategory page
  19. WP_List_Table bulk action admin notice
  20. WordPress – load jQuery in head on specific page Template
  21. Upscale wordpress thumbnail crop with white background
  22. Switch in WordPress-function that doesn’t work
  23. PHP is not loaded in the iframe
  24. Which of the following hosting packages do you recommend for a single WordPress website?
  25. WordPress post image not from media library
  26. Query Jetpack Worpress Stats List
  27. Which method should I use to disabled a button
  28. Which WordPress Plugin do you suggest for running a quiz?
  29. cURL error 60: SSL certificate prob…: unable to get local issuer certificate
  30. WordPress wp_redirect CORS Issue

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Wordpress comment pagination not jumping to newly added comment
  2. Add custom style formats to TinyMCE (Advanced Custom Fields)
  3. Change the url paths in the stylesheet dynamically in wordpress
  4. how to make a divider line?
  5. How can I disable plugings for wordpress when doing posts with PHP?
  6. WORDPRESS - preg_match(): Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 1
  7. Facing with a .htaccess issue
  8. Mysql query for 3 tables & user meta
  9. Site not reach after changing URL and not reach Wp-admin
  10. Watson Assistant Chatbot Not Focusing on / Scrolling to Newest Messages

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How to run Node on one URL, on GoDaddy (shared hosting), along with Apache
  2. Switching Wordpress theme live without losing functionality
  3. How to Enqueue Script and Style Only on Single and Archive Page of Custom Post Type
  4. Anchor Hash in WP Reviews Not Working On First Click
  5. RSS Feed not showing latest post
  6. Wordpress Plugin for drag and drop images
  7. Wordpress/ACF Image Field HTTPS/SSL
  8. PHP form code to search for only WordPress blog posts?
  9. How can i integrate abn lookup with worpdress?
  10. Display Custom Taxonomy Terms in Responsive Columns using Semantic Grid

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress list categories with min 5 posts on it
  2. Custom wp-content folder cloud9
  3. is_user_logged_in is not working outside of wordpress directory
  4. Ajax call include not works in Wordpress
  5. Loading font options must be accompanied with subset select
  6. How to add and read extra parameters for custom WordPress page
  7. Wordpress category page, post object not available if has sub categories
  8. Include Parent Terms when searching for Children in WordPress Taxonomy Search
  9. Buddypress user settings page - not loading
  10. Disable SSL on a specific URL
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