Resolved WordPress issues 03-12-2019

  1. Change the homepage in WordPress via CLI
  2. CPanel Cronjob to press a button / run a script
  3. WordPress Elementor Template footer sticks to top on some pages
  4. Gutenberg styles doesnt work in my own template
  5. Notice: id is called in the wrong way. The properties of the product should not be directly accessible
  6. How can I find out input type hidden value in pre_validation filter for my gravity form?
  7. Using the WordPress GeoIP Detection Plugin with a Custom Made Checkout
  8. How to use “wordpress-mobile/AztecEditor-iOS” framework in a Swift iOS project?
  9. Gutenberg RichText Custom block Attributes. “Array & Children” or “String & HTML”?
  10. How to use ACF into JSON via ajax in WordPress
  11. SQL to get WordPress posts with category and post_tag
  12. Single Sign On in WordPress Multisite 2019-2020
  13. How to get the tags on publish the post in all cases?
  14. Bulk variations Validations
  15. WordPress website cannot be found after accidentally changing site URL
  16. Using ACF image field in JavaScript
  17. Get price and color attributes of bought product by product id if current user bought
  18. Filter blog posts in WordPress from dropdown
  19. remove question mark (?) from accelerated mobile pages endpoint
  20. Using Python3 Request and JSON with WordPress API
  21. How to remove hardcoded domain name from WordPress links?
  22. How is one supposed to remove the archive flag in wordpress? My custom template keeps using the archive template instead of page
  23. Wordress. Loop prev-next post in current category
  24. How to get correct post_count and found_posts within include file
  25. Stop WordPress stripping HTML
  26. Currency sign after the price class in CSS
  27. WordPress encoding issue after migrating to new server
  28. Use a dynamic variable to access a specific value within a PHP array
  29. como integrar una transmición de kinesis video stream en una pagina de wordpress? [closed]
  30. Google saying Malware on site, I have searched and run scans but can't find it

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Easy WordPress automation

Switching from human control to automation is an essential step in increasing the efficiency of website development or maintenance. During the past decade, WordPress advanced a lot and became a fully functional Content Management System. Thanks to some of its internal features a large portion of its functionality could be easily automated. The following articles give ideas on how to apply successful automation:

Speed up WordPress

Speed is an important matter when it comes to website success. In order to appear on the first page except for applying the well-known SEO techniques, you will also have to pay special attention to the performance of your website. We have reviewed a number of options and prepared articles for the most important aspects that include database management and dealing with different types of content:

Extend WordPress features

Extending the standard WordPress functionality by building new features was always a hot topic. Developing themes that provide next-level User Experience could also be described similarly. Thanks to the established standards WordPress developers could create standardized extensions that can be downloaded from the official repository. In the following articles, we described some simple techniques that would help start developing your own extensions:

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