Resolved WordPress issues 04-01-2018

  1. WordPress page throws 404 when requested header content type is application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  2. php function returning input
  3. User can Create there own store in my website – WordPress
  4. WordPress custom search when no posts found by default search
  5. Local WordPress – All plugins returning Illegal string offset
  6. Can this query be optimized to increase speed of website?
  7. Error trying to access admin session in wordpress
  8. Why searching images via media grid in WordPress not work?
  9. Error only with php 7.1 how to solve the “Too few arguments to function get_query_var()” [on hold]
  10. Not uploading images in etsy shop with rss feed when relative path is given
  11. Display output of REST API get in WordPress
  12. WordPress Ninja Tables CSS Styling
  13. Encoding in wordpress is stopped working
  14. Adding multiple taxonomy names into the permalink for custom post type in wordpress
  15. How to use PHP,MySQL,JavaScript in WordPress.I am making ecommerce fully functional website
  16. WordPress crontrol – server max_execution_time time issue
  17. MySQL Contentful database importer error : Failed to build gem native extension
  18. Can't create pages or posts as admin in new WordPress
  19. How to form dynamic key value array inside meta_query wordpress
  20. WordPress, setup_postdata() not doing its job
  21. wp_insert_attachment add two records on posts table
  22. How can i use WHERE condition in a wp_query?
  23. PHP: how to retrieve form ID from WordPress' built-in forms
  24. Is there any possible way to copy a whole table from an URL with its content to an another page?
  25. Smooth scrolling is not working as expected, active link doesn't change it's color
  26. php wordpress – retrieveing values from mysql table one by one
  27. dataLayer.push from one element disrupts dataLayer.push of another
  28. Multiple featured images on specific page templates
  29. Changing the menu to toggle, instead of hiding when clicked outside
  30. redirect user to dashboard after update billing information

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Reported WordPress issues

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  10. slow down jump to anchor in divi theme

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Advice on resolving HTTP 500 on WP site?
  2. Copying plugins to base wordpress image, Plugins folders are visible in cmd but not visible in volume mount
  3. how to handel submitted gravity form which contains singel file
  4. How to rearrange WordPress REST API comments?
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  6. WordPress add access for users to edit his comments
  7. Show directories and files in wordpress uploads folder
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  9. Contact 7 form is causing error in my website afrter updated to the latest wordpress 5.0
  10. How to Add Javascript Code to Button to track the Clicks in Wordpress

Resolved issues

  1. how to print a variable javascript in a onmousedown event?
  2. Contact form 7 WordPress plugin not showing sender email
  3. Does Wordpress list all pages for crawlers?
  4. How to update links on a WordPress website from Google Drive automatically after changing hosts?
  5. some product thumbnails doesn't show up
  6. How to keep the same page for different languages
  7. WordPress : Treat value in functions.php for all inner PHP files
  8. How to echo something after header tag (wordpress)?
  9. Error layout Elementor Wordpress (not load)
  10. APIProjectMapError when using WP Google Map plugin to display map
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