Resolved WordPress issues 04-05-2019

  1. WordPress Page – Combine with firebase auth and firestore PHP
  2. Is it possible to make a dark mode switcher with elementor template?
  3. options page not found in WordPress
  4. How to Get Category Name and Category Slug from Array to Create Permalinks
  5. Google Ads are shown on mobile version but not on Desktop version
  6. Copy text on click and display small popup afterwards – extending the code
  7. WordPress dropdown menus overlapping – hovering one opens another
  8. How to track product-wise payments when using Razorpay?
  9. Every page i set as homepage doesnt fit to screen at mobile devices.But as page it does
  10. Get all category name of a taxonomy dinamically in wordpress
  11. load my user_login from database into my acf select field code
  12. Can't access website with Apache ServerName error in Docker WordPress
  13. I didn't able to change my wordpress url and site url, What should I do?
  14. How can I bulk edit wp_metadata for multiple posts?
  15. How to show posts containing only the selected taxonomy terms in WordPress
  16. Posts_per_page category wordpress showing 1 post instead of multiple
  17. How to remove malicious eval script that cannot be found in header.php
  18. How to block external download link access if visitor not referred from WP Site A?
  19. WordPress ark-commenteditor plugin showing normal text instead of formatted text [on hold]
  20. Disable all weekends and specific days plus enable mothers day
  21. How can I get ob_start() to work in a class within my WordPress Plugin?
  22. PHP & WordPress Memory limit not increasing
  23. How to change a vertical drop-down menu to a horizontal dropdown
  24. How we can share bootstrap tab's link using wordpress social share plugin?
  25. I have changed my WordPress blog theme, After changing the blog theme in google news the posts are not displaying. What is the issue?
  26. return value as text into textarea
  27. Deployment WordPress on Heroku?
  28. undefined error when array created using foreach loop?
  29. Keyboard issue in Mobile/Smartphone view
  30. How to change wordpress media file upload link from wordpress interface to File Explorer?

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Reported WordPress issues

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  9. How to remove query string with htaccess (for mobile user after url shortener)
  10. create custome php file as page in wordpress without template

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How to show variable product dropdown on custom product detail page
  2. Cannot prevent a file from direct URL Access in wordpress
  3. Links floating to the left?
  4. How do I upgrade from PHP 7.0 to 7.3 on google cloud platform?
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  6. PHP DOM in WordPress - replace and add attribute
  7. Get script's url by handle (in wordpress)
  8. Check with WC()->session->has_session() only on front end but not on Rest-API
  9. Want to override the max number of blog posts to show for paginated archive post pages
  10. Can't extract carouselURL from json to import into post

Resolved issues

  1. Resize Thumbnail Images in WPGeoDirectory Listing Page
  2. WordPress navbar links wont work after i migrated from localhost to a live server
  3. exclude caching json api calls
  4. How to programmatically detect CMS and Theme of a website?
  5. Code is inserted when I switch between Visual / Text mode in Wordpress classic editor
  6. My wordpress website contents does not show until I resize the browser window at each section
  7. How to write a code to implement WordPress plugin, UPDATE that modifies the database from backend?
  8. changeset_post_save_failure in wordpress [on hold]
  9. Solution on developing a marketplace website [on hold]
  10. Wordpress AJAX 400 when registered in Shortcode Plugin
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