Resolved WordPress issues 04-12-2017

On focus today: menu items, wordpress url, revolution slider, contact form 7

  1. Better to use Multiple Media Stylesheets or 1 Stylesheet with multiple Media Queries
  2. Use field in contact 7 form to give access to password protected page in wordpress
  3. redirect a wordpress theme to outside the directory
  4. How to center the tagline of the header toolbar in wordpress?
  5. Restrict access to category pages depending on what product the customer has purchased?
  6. Theme child on wordpress
  7. WordPress categories for both gender
  8. Does WordPress escape data to prevent SQL injections when using the Settings API?
  9. Gravity forms jQuery variable to PHP variable populate dynamically
  10. How do I make sure the line that appears under the first column is moved to the second column on top
  11. How to change height of default wordpress embed link “windows”
  12. redirected you too many times error on logging to word press
  13. Query post based on month and date
  14. insert custom redirect to cherry projects terms
  15. Which is the better course I can take being an electronics and communication student?
  16. Strange URL in the WordPress theme causing error when the site loads
  17. Custom page template for global use , don’t showing up in wordpress template dropdown
  18. Google Maps API error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of null
  19. WordPress API V2 custom fields with custom post types
  20. WordPress Form Builder Plugin extend functionality
  21. WP plugin for IDENTICAL content on many pages/ posts
  22. WordPress /feed/ redirects to same page
  23. get values from group and radio buttons and remove on change or deselect.?
  24. Paywall type download with cookies
  25. how to make visible rev slider carousel navigation arrows on mobile
  26. WordPress Multisite : Server Error
  27. changed my wordpress url from http to https and now admin panel is not working
  28. Menu Item not showing
  29. WordPress htaccess to redict subdomain on sub folder
  30. Conditional tag for single post of Custom Taxonomy

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Menu appearing on mobile view in desktop browsers but not on actual mobiles
  2. How to implement canonical attribute to wordpress website without plugin
  3. Create custom Filter in Wp Query
  4. Wordpress Categories Widget - Filter arguments to show specific subcategories
  5. Alternatives to WP-SCSS to compile scss to css without the need of GULP
  6. WordPress Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined showing when i click on nav link?
  7. I need support ajax in wordpress
  8. Error on importing images from Wordpress to GatsbyJS V2
  9. Ajax POST request in for loop causes problem with the data sent
  10. How to backup a AmazonAWS website (Laravel) to AmazonAWS S3 bucket?

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. The post is not recognizing itself when viewing from wp-admin [duplicate]
  2. Homepage redirect to different location not found
  3. Back button remembering Accordion state
  4. How I can show pdf file in wordpress without plugins? [duplicate]
  5. Get custom field ACF in custom menu
  6. Ampersand in $wpdb->get_results of wordpress
  7. Hide the “Account” menu item until a user places an order
  8. What is wordpress workflow?
  9. Hangout call to specific user by link
  10. What does “Add empty params to Signature” in POSTMAN mean or do

Resolved issues

  1. How to bind IP Address:Port No with some domain name on wamp server
  2. Retrofit Json some data returns null
  3. How to compare User Input to Custom WordPress Database Table
  4. Custom Wordpress plugin issue with printing result
  5. Need brief techniques to improve Wordpress website performance [on hold]
  6. Enable the rightside categories in wordpress
  7. Single Sign On – SSO for wordpress
  8. Resetting multiple formidable forms in WordPress
  9. HOA Web Project
  10. Getting Multiple checkbox data wordpress with ajax (only shows one category at a time)
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