Resolved WordPress issues 05-02-2019

  1. WordPress Admin Toolbar Missing
  2. Why is my WordPress RSS feed showing IP address and post ID, rather than full URL?
  3. Sort WordPress posts by custom order matching first word
  4. Set Default Password for All New Users in WordPress
  5. registerBlockStyle has no effect on block core/column
  6. NEW ORDER email received 6 times
  7. wp_nav_menu_items add custom item 2nd, not last
  8. Duplicate WordPress Site
  9. Bottom Align Products
  10. How to return result set from click in php (wordpress)?
  11. WordPress Post Expiration Date
  12. How to set this permalink structure on wordpress: /custom-taxonomy/custom-post-type/post-name
  13. How to ACF sub field in category.php page?
  14. WordPress, post grid and pagination with ajax. how to: update url with current page
  15. Can you advise me a Survey WordPress plugin for send survey with possibility to edit it?
  16. Mobile WordPress
  17. Front end login interferes with back end login
  18. Marge Two Cells/Rows in WordPress post
  19. WORDPRESS CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource
  20. How to output wpbakery page builder textfield value as html
  21. Webservice not connecting properly to stock system
  22. SOAP Request for VAT Validity Check – infinity loop WordPress
  23. WordPress download exe file
  24. How to fix WordPress blog search issue
  25. What to do if a position in css doesn't work to move an element?
  26. Contactform 7 – wpcf7_admin_after_additional_settings action is not working within Class
  27. Looking for user photo upload and order module
  28. I want to fetch data from multiple tables in wordpress but don't wan to use any complex queries. Is the custom table is a solution for it?
  29. All my siteweb page redirect to contact page
  30. How to Insert multiple checkbox values to db in wordpress

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  4. Changing font size within declaration
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  6. API Call doesn't echo items
  7. PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/bradlux/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/core.php on line 3797 [on hold]
  8. Bypass cannot redeclare function (including Wordpress in Osclass)
  9. ACF get data for all posts
  10. TinyMCE Paste as text but keep spaces

Resolved issues

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