Resolved WordPress issues 05-05-2018

  1. Image max-width in post with justified alignement
  2. Docker Compose WordPress Volumes Appear Empty
  3. STRIPE, WOOCOMMERCE, DIVI, Unable to process this payment, please try again or use alternative method
  4. WordPress customizer and webpack – exposing wp global
  5. How add hotkeys for video-js in PHP – WordPress Plugin
  6. add rating and review to wordpress theme
  7. WordPress add_rewrite_rule second argument not working
  8. Save file on server in wordpress using php
  9. PHP Object Inheritance Override Plugin Parent Class Function In Child Theme
  10. WordPress display parent element as active when current page is the child
  11. Selecting Embeded Elements in an XML file
  12. WP media Gallery Child Categories no longer indented (formatting changed)
  13. Redirection issue after using plugin
  14. How to fix blank screen of wordpress category blog page? [on hold]
  15. Any WordPress Registration Form To Register User As Vendor
  16. WordPress – create shortcode with language
  17. How to access the content of custom wordpress postbox in the SQL database
  18. WordPress Nginx Permalink from plain to postname
  19. oembed_result not running on my WordPress theme
  20. WordPress Pods: Calculating a Score from Taxonomy Relationship Fields
  21. Unequal enter spacing on WordPress website
  22. My website is not showing after uploading files
  23. WordPress custom template gives error 505
  24. SSL to WordPress with Traefik
  25. ultimate member plugin and google map
  26. WordPress PHP Mail function
  27. WordPress How to to add images automatically to a custom post by image name?
  28. Can't get server to catch Authorization header WP Rest API
  29. How can I maintain a Structured URL whilst generating the flatter `/product-name/` variant as well?
  30. Running jQuery Functions Document Ready & Window Resize in WordPress

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Resolved issues

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