Resolved WordPress issues 05-05-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. How to pass my JavaScript variable to PHP on wordpress
  2. WordPress 'onclick' dropdown menu problems
  3. Firefox CSS navbar conflict
  4. How to make a registration system in memberpress
  5. WordPress themes safeness(advises) [on hold]
  6. jQuery execute AFTER next page is loaded, not current
  7. How to set up some JavaScript into WordPress (API)
  8. How to create and download pdf in WordPress
  9. Display wordpress first post out of the loop
  10. How can I make multi checkbox to 'post_category' in wordpress?
  11. Post data to NodeJS server from WordPress form
  12. Gatsby: Using GraphQL Query on Custom Post Type with Custom Taxonomy
  13. failed to open stream: Permission denied in /srv/bindings/ wordpress pantheon
  14. How to redirect all wordpress generated thumbnail images to the original ones
  15. WordPress Revolution slider Responsive issue
  16. Add Custom function with built in elementor pro plugin
  17. move_file_upload is not working with .nessus file type
  18. How to get rid of from overbooking car rental website
  19. ACF select field within a repeater field that is in flexible content not showing
  20. WordPress Custom REST API Endpoint not working getting error “No route was found”
  21. What would cause images to break ONLY when designated as a 404 page?
  22. Is there a way to send a message to a Microsoft Team chatroom using wp_remote_post?
  23. I am getting random code on my word-press website Like this – [/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″] [on hold]
  24. How to Use Title() Filter Hook to Change Page Titles, but Not Menu Titles
  25. Print operation within wordpress plugin load issues
  26. How to expand menu width in desktop?
  27. can I create Piklist widgets with repeater? [on hold]
  28. How can I make the WordPress comment checkbox mandatory/required before posting a comment?
  29. WordPress Page – Combine with firebase auth and firestore PHP
  30. Is it possible to make a dark mode switcher with elementor template?

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. node js wordpress, client.getPostType( 'title to search'); returns TypeError: fn is not a function in node_moduleslibwordpress.js:207:4
  2. Fixing Mismatched Image Class in Existing Posts
  3. How to make an exception in my PHP code to exempt a certain URL from being redirected?
  4. How to wordpress pagination url change
  5. Wordpress website's navbar dropdown is not working
  6. AJAX in WordPress Template Not Working in WordPress Plugin Class
  7. Insert jquery var into php encode to pull ACF fields for Wordpress template
  8. An error occurred after updating Wordpress 5.3
  9. Get site URL in Wordpress
  10. Does Google Form on AMP require HTTPS?

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Wordpress WPLMS add attachment field in edit course
  2. Is the WordPress $wpdb object secure for making SQL calls with PHI information?
  3. WordPress custom related posts using Ad Inserter
  4. Redirect to URL based on product purchased in Wordpress
  5. React-router-dom problem with routes after creating app with react-create-wptheme
  6. Re-Building Website to Wordpress with Full-Width Gallery Transitions (animsition + owl-carousel)
  7. How to get Session of word press from other site If some user is currently active in word-press
  8. I can't get wordpress custom footer to work on about us page
  9. get_post_meta() not display field value for first item in wordpress loop
  10. Custom Wordpress Development - building a custom page builder

Resolved issues

  1. MySql Connection in Anaconda Jupyter Notebook
  2. How to add Custom Fields of Custom Post to REST API?
  3. WordPress - Override template image resizing
  4. How to integrate 3rd party api / json in wordpress
  5. ACF Group Sub Field Not Displaying
  6. What will ES5 code look like for Wordpress CheckboxControl
  7. Wordpress forum in Spanish
  8. wordpress theme footer.php file have some malicious code
  9. Setup 301 redirect for .html pages Wordpress
  10. Value is pulled wordpress
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