Resolved WordPress issues 05-06-2019

  1. Cloudflare blocks mixed content from WordPress deployment
  2. WordPress menu is not displaying in the website but is visible in the console log
  3. Breaks the layout of the site, if you go to it from instagram
  4. I would like to make the drop down menu and the mobile menu transparent , I use a theme called simple
  5. CSS display: none; not working in Firefox. How can I fix this?
  6. How to fix WordPress URL issues: subfolders, URL duplicates?
  7. How to access variable in another function and plugin in WordPress
  8. ui-layout panel problem when using dex.js graph in WordPress webpage
  9. Available WordPress gallery plugins with filtering that don't crop thumbnails
  10. want to accept card details on checkout page. How to create a plugin for it? [on hold]
  11. WordPress – ajax request to custom php script
  12. Is it possible to sort/re-order a wp_query loop by a dynamic value produced from a custom field?
  13. Category with children organization: wordpress
  14. How to include META fields in WordPress API Post?
  15. Preg_replace not delete text in between found tags [duplicate]
  16. Templating more complex if-statements with Mustache & WordPress
  17. How to add image from parent product to the gallery of linked products? [on hold]
  18. Softaculous WordPress Install Missing “In Directory”
  19. why “single-{custom-posttype}.php” not work?
  20. Add captions under thumbnail pictures of a fancybox gallery (before open)
  21. How to removed the header from a WordPress Theme
  22. How to use multiple images in same scope wordpress
  23. Can I filter WordPress Custom Post Type $post_type_name created by plugin?
  24. Subdomainare doing a 301 redirect without my knowledge
  25. Sending email issue with Contact form 7
  26. Adding custom user meta to search field on Users page in WordPress
  27. text file created as UTF-8 while i need it in UNICODE format [on hold]
  28. How can I add a dynamic css class?
  29. Portfolio Page Auto Redirect
  30. Mixed Content: The page at, wordpress

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. How to transfer PHP Mysql based website data in to wordpress
  2. Enqueueing style.scss file Wordpress (problem displaying slick slider)
  3. Wordpress users login restriction
  4. Add ACF Gallery Image Titles to Search
  5. How could I show the menu page children in Wordpress Rest API?
  6. Problem using FT.CREATE command with PHP whereas works in CMD
  7. Deleting a Wordpress user using a custom plugin Hook
  8. Wordpress OOP calling plugin function inside theme
  9. How can I get post list on WordPress (only title ,date and time)
  10. How to increase wordpress site's Timeouts setting on a LNMP server?

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Adding Schema to Breadcrumbs
  2. Can't access wp-admin with virtual host
  3. Getting MySQL Connection Error: (2054) in Dockerised WordPress
  4. WordPress make all post types and taxonomies work on paged index
  5. How can I get meta field value created in custom taxonomy in WordPress?
  6. Remove automatic nested iframe around an external <script> added in the RawJS element of WPBakery
  7. Merge websites, images double ID’s issue
  8. Why my customized CSS for a wordpress theme is not working from cpanel?
  9. How to add categories meta to Ajax Load More [on hold]
  10. Move shipping address fields to custom page

Resolved issues

  1. tcpdf wordpress error in PHP even tho i followed the tcpdf example 1by1
  2. How do I send an email using NextJS and Wordpress REST API?
  3. Dokan WP - link visibility for user
  4. How to post a form in Wordpress?
  5. Is it possible to add a merge tag for the answer of a field into the description field?
  6. How to redirect multiple files in same directory using nginx?
  7. How to properly get wp_editor() formated value?
  8. wordpress date-field in contact 7 form not pop when you click in the input field
  9. How to add height for content post of wordpress?
  10. Why my viewport based script doesn't add classes
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