Resolved WordPress issues 06-05-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • Aligning images in a single line in wordpress
  • How to manage 2 column mega menu drop down without plugin
  • Scripts Not Enqueing
  • Using jquery to change thumbnails in modals
  • Cloud storage with security
  • Detecting where a file is being loaded?
  • Is there a wordpress pluggin that can show/hide sidebar by pressing a button in mobile phone ?
  • how to add php code in href attribute in wp pages
  • Which is better among Wix, WordPress and Squarespace for setting up an ecommerce site? [on hold]
  • Integrate HTML-Code from other classes to own WP classes
  • include javascript Multiple files in wordpress through script.js
  • WordPress Dbdelta() giving errors
  • WordPress not loading images
  • Mobile Image Issue
  • AWS architecture for a WordPress installation and React Native
  • can i import my html layout onto wordpress
  • Display latest wordpress featured images on static html page
  • Custom Post Type, with a Custom Rewrite Rule, in a Custom Loop – Pagination not working
  • mysterious gap between between li's in css menu
  • WordPress query for exporting custom post type details
  • Using a custom WordPress query to call 5 most recent posts
  • WordPress cookie not working
  • Exclude a specific php file from wp-content .htaccess
  • How do I make a form that once completed creates a download link?
  • WordPress: Infinite Scroll Plugin
  • Is it possible to 'Mass Rel=Canonical'?
  • Display Category from WP Custom Post
  • How come “json_encode( $custom_query['query_vars'” is NULL?
  • Embed shortcodes and oEmbed not working on WordPress
  • Page Redirection Depending on User Registration Status [on hold]

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    8. Heroku limitations and wordpress
    9. WordPress Widget is not working
    10. PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'remove_wpcf7' not found or invalid function name

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    3. How Can i Get Vendor's Products By ID [duplicate]
    4. Custom Trigger when code found inside the page GTM
    5. get post ID of new post that hasnt been saved/published yet in wordpress
    6. Post JSON do WordPress with authorization
    7. Website upload issues
    8. category and subcategory for photo gallery but breadcrumb issue
    9. wordpress- it changes the design automatically
    10. How do I store a record of something with post meta?

    Resolved issues

    1. How to create a WordPress blog with user Registration?
    2. we have show how many visitors are currently looking at now?
    3. Variable transmission in function (metabox) WordPress
    4. Trending now(Sow items based on the previous searches using the browser cookies) in Wordpress
    5. how to automatically append custom post type entries as wp_nav_menu sublevels
    6. Can this be site be constructed on WordPress?
    7. How to make my secondary navigation menu responsive for mobile devices in wordpress
    8. How to style only half a sentence
    9. MAMP PRO 5 - Wordpress Live Import - Export
    10. How to trash a post if it contains specific explicit words?
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