Resolved WordPress issues 07-01-2018

  1. Get 404 when try open author page
  2. WordPress / Staging / Temporarily Adjust Root-Relative Links
  3. How to make max-width property robust to php calls / dynamic css
  4. Get Category Name from WordPress Search Results Page
  5. Custom product field to change product total price in wordpress
  6. PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant ALTERNATE_WP_CRON [duplicate]
  7. Custom page template in every custom post type page
  8. WordPress: Fetch images of a post and put them in slider (create an individual slider for each post respectively)?
  9. WordPress Hierarchical custom post type automatically added to menu
  10. SMTP/Wordpress – Can't send any mails with mail() function
  11. Customize Storefront Theme for single site
  12. Pure CSS Checkbox with JS toggle not working
  13. Which programming language do I need to learn for this?
  14. How to display child categories of a parent category for a custom post type
  15. WordPress redirect to directory with Runcloud
  16. Get sorted value from an array in php
  17. Display the category name in wordpress loop only once
  18. Adding PHP into WordPress function
  19. unable to update wordpress plugins, it is showing “could not copy file”
  20. Strange “Category Color” option on WordPress admin menu
  21. Copy the subdomain wordpress site into root directory of server with different domain
  22. How to hide specific elements from meta description?
  23. How can i access to the source_url in the ajax?
  24. WordPress is_single() always return true in custom WP_Query
  25. how to customize :active link color for only for one menu item in WordPress?
  26. my website must able to handle 100000 users at a time. what's the best way to host it? & how to perform the same? [on hold]
  27. Grab prices from external website [on hold]
  28. How to exclude categories in WP categories list
  29. WordPress How to create a Fade away success message after submission of form?
  30. Cannot properly configure ddns -> Apache -> local website

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  5. Javascript only appears in source code when logged into wordpress
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  8. Handle multiple data/parameters that change in Ajax - Wordpress
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Resolved issues

  1. Vimeo Api PHP Setup issue
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