Resolved WordPress issues 07-05-2019

  1. WordPress URL Rewrites. Remove CPT slug, but keep child page functionality
  2. WordPress site with things like AJAX returning 403 (nginx)
  3. WP_Query posts_per_page dont work with paged 1
  4. How to loop through all users in the database and apply a role
  5. WordPress – Pagination works but links don't appear
  6. How do set a break in my html text in @media?
  7. WordPress HTML Formatting
  8. Using CSS stop an image before it covers all modules
  9. How to set specifics attributes/variations while creating a product?
  10. How to render a post( without header, footer and sidebar ) during WordPress REST API post GET request?
  11. How to convert a value of a field to tags?
  12. Custom query based on Ajax search field showing all acf field values
  13. yith Nielsen theme Login captcha does not work
  14. How to make font bigger with html / css?
  15. How to get multiple onepage-sites into one theme?
  16. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in C:wamp64wwwwp-includespost-template.php on line 293
  17. How can I set max-width instead of width using the dimensions-type in Redux Framework?
  18. tax_query with checkboxes within WordPress
  19. WordPress – Load pages filtering by parents id and taxonomies
  20. Getting unexpected space after menu in mobile view for my wordpress site?
  21. Permissions access changend on the server by it self
  22. Run first index.html in wordpress and then run wordpress index.php
  23. Font Awesome loading error / Webfont loading issue?
  24. how to use a snippets id in wordpress to a another post using include/require
  25. http2 max concurrent streams
  26. Logo not showing on desktop, only on tablet and mobile
  27. How do I create a menu and assign it to a location using a hook in WordPress?
  28. Updating boolean values in the database
  29. How to pass GET variable after wordpress login redirect
  30. How to change the default Map Location with php function?

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. How to fix the leverage browser caching not working in the wordpress site hosted in AWS?
  2. How to translate product attributes?
  3. require_once is not loading file in PHP
  4. htaccess rewrite rules for multiple query strings with keeping the $_GET values
  5. Where do wordpress multisites get installed?
  6. How to calculate sales tax on vendor income
  7. HIPAA compliant hosting
  8. WP Blocks save function doesn't match edit function when editor loads
  9. Get Post Type with Parents, Children AND Meta Data
  10. ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY for wwocommerce

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Can’t change New Order recipient email address [on hold]
  2. Assignments submission plugin for wordpress? [on hold]
  3. Make Wordpress post edit left hand side column to be on top of right hand side column in small resolutions
  4. Custom post type taxonomy rewrite returns 404
  5. Wordpress preg_match apostrophe
  6. posts_per_page and offset aren't working. Whats wrong?
  7. Is there a hook to change the WordPress “reset password form”?
  8. Meta_key Wordpress
  9. Get data from PHP to JavaScript to show positions of divs as posts on the index page
  10. How to run PHP on a link with a masked a URL?

Resolved issues

  1. How do I make the landing page of website appear on Google and not “Index of /”?
  2. Automatically assign products to a defined product category,All discounted products for a definite range [on hold]
  3. WordPress field in wp_terms table
  4. SSL breaks a users ability to upload an image
  5. padding adjustment for pages and posts (left and right sides) of WordPress site
  6. Unable to install jetpack on my wordpress website
  7. XML Error: AttValue " or ' expected Wordpress Error on SVG
  8. wp_schedule_single_event doesn't work successfully
  9. How can i protect my pdf data on wordpress website from developer who is making my website [on hold]
  10. Is there any way to find Date Fields in Tag [on hold]
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