Resolved WordPress issues 08-02-2018

  1. Gulp Browser Sync Issue: Not Working
  2. Creating custom credits using add_filter
  3. Displaying category function on page
  4. ajax sending 400 bad request error in wordpress
  5. How to use the Divi builder on a single post page?
  6. complete web is on wordpress but want to alter index page out of wordpress
  7. htaccess – deny from all not working for files uploaded with WordPress
  8. Issue on How to Call a PHP Function on Radio Change Event [on hold]
  9. Editing a function in a WordPress Plugin (or is there a way to create a 'Child plugin')?
  10. What are your Dev/Prod workflow with WordPress? [on hold]
  11. Hide fields based on user role
  12. Banner images look different when the WordPress theme is on the server? (WordPress)
  13. wordpress event registration form with picture [duplicate]
  14. WordPress theme didn't load as it was on local after uploading to live server
  15. WordPress pagination with multiple loops
  16. Contact Form 7 Shortcode not complete
  17. WordPress add_rewrite_rule() for two levels of a custom taxonomy
  18. Recreate logged out user login from wp-admin in frontend with AJAX
  19. Contact form 7 failing on production server
  20. Uncaught TypeError: $(…).bootstrapValidator is not a function at HTMLDocument
  21. srcset and sizes not working in safari?
  22. How does wordpress connect to the respective post?
  23. Display users activity for frontend – WordPress
  24. WordPress / PHP – Edit filename on load to bust cache
  25. wordpress the_content is overlap navigation
  26. Pagination not working in wordpress plugin
  27. Removing language code from URL?
  28. WordPress current user is 'invalid' when on http instead of https
  29. Auto fill search box while redirected form particular url
  30. Get user plain password during registration wordpress

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. i can't post from python to my wordpress site by wordpress_xmlrpc i get ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 222
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  3. WP get_terms() returns error on admin side
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  7. nextgen gallery cusom lightbox
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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. WordPress Virus
  2. Trying to do an api fetch using id from earlier api fetch
  3. Host 2 different websites in the same EC2 instance and on the same port
  4. React Front End overrides Wordpress
  5. Twig Wordpress Repeater within a repeater
  6. Mailchimp embedded form font colour
  7. Wordpress backend search not working on multisite
  8. Disable back to top for empty link <a href=“#”>
  9. How to change css in php file
  10. How do I disable re-direct after adding a new product on Dokan Vendor Plugin

Resolved issues

  1. Add/edit custom fields in wordpress
  2. How to integrate multistep jquery form in wordpress plugin using
  3. Wordpress/ACF merging multiple fields value to one
  4. Wordpress autologin, database error on multisite
  5. How to capture customer billing and delivery details before adding product to the cart for the first time?
  6. Menu appearing on mobile view in desktop browsers but not on actual mobiles
  7. How to implement canonical attribute to wordpress website without plugin
  8. Create custom Filter in Wp Query
  9. Alternatives to WP-SCSS to compile scss to css without the need of GULP
  10. WordPress Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined showing when i click on nav link?
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