Resolved WordPress issues 08-02-2019

  1. HTTPS on WordPress hosted on AWS Elasticbean Stalk
  2. Change category image thumbnails to title text
  3. Login external website with WordPress User information
  4. How to redirect a user off a page by user role?
  5. WP_MAIL() not sending attachments
  6. How FIX choosing your permalink structure on WordPress for IIS server on Azure
  7. Tablednd – using returned JSON data in table
  8. Using WordPress with Git – which files should I ignore?
  9. Display file size or MP3 file duration in WordPress upload
  10. Matching all <strong> tags in preg_replace
  11. WordPress loop outputting posts with a weird CSS styling
  12. Can't get category of post with an ACF built module – Timber/Twig/Wordpress
  13. wordpress Uncaught Error, unrecognized expression
  14. change h1 color in css based on div class with space in it
  15. Generate pages from CSV files and create menu in WordPress
  16. WordPress automatic login but no wp-admin access
  17. trigger bitbucket pipeline in github hook
  18. WordPress Form action doesn't work with AMP
  19. Display php collected data to WordPress based website from WeMos D1 R1
  20. WordPress token issue ( rest_cannot_create)
  21. Facebook and Google Register/Login, using Ionic and WordPress
  22. How to hide Firstname and Lastname in order edit in admin view
  23. Add custom content in the middle of WordPress post
  24. Cannot test for value of WP_DEBUG constant in functions.php
  25. Can I remove background color of tinymce custom format style in RTE?
  26. how to allow editors access to a single plugin in wordpress
  27. How can display Entry Meta (author, date,tag) only at a specific category
  28. How to change background and/or border of the submenu box?
  29. How to use calc in external css style sheet with !important
  30. Javascript add Class to HTML Element

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. How to display a value from a radio button in the options menu in wordpress
  3. How to specify a cache validator for PNG and JS files in .htaccess?
  4. Changing font size within declaration
  5. Is there anyway to use colspan on the do_settings_fields in WordPress
  6. API Call doesn't echo items
  7. PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/bradlux/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/core.php on line 3797 [on hold]
  8. Bypass cannot redeclare function (including Wordpress in Osclass)
  9. ACF get data for all posts
  10. TinyMCE Paste as text but keep spaces

Resolved issues

  1. I can't get my WordPress site load speed any faster
  2. Error establishing a database connection in my localhost
  3. Redirect loop in wordpress behind Azure Application Gateway
  4. How to attach custom taxonomy to a post in Wordpress?
  5. Php Script For Data Retrieval Giving Same Results On Server
  6. Connection between custom database and wordpress database
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  8. Avada Custom Element Creation
  9. Error message reads timber not activated or scheduled maintenance
  10. Tooltip with title and featured image Wordpress function
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