Resolved WordPress issues 08-03-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. How to add data-stellar-ratio to wordpress
  2. Page crashing from '#' as a GET-parameter
  3. My .htaccess file has duplicate code and is out of sequence
  4. Deploying docker-compose project with multiple containers to google cloud
  5. Include multiple pages on frontpage WordPress
  6. WP OOP – trouble integrating another file
  7. Adding admin through MYSQL is not working
  8. How can one connect Prisma/GraphQL to an existing MySQL DB (specifically WordPress)?
  9. WordPress creating non-unique GUIDs
  10. Writing current wordpress user credentials to external database
  11. Show if there is a value
  12. WP Query Code to display unique div classes and WP Functions
  13. How do I implement a pre made javascript on my domain?
  14. Filter admin post list with multiple filters
  15. WordPress Foundry Theme Header
  16. Why does this text overlap the icon with the my current setup on the mobile version?
  17. How to check if email address already exists in database before send form – Contact Form 7 and Contact From DB
  18. Add Custom Thumbnails on Custom Post Types in WordPress
  19. WordPress WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT value is wrong in wp-config.php file
  20. WordPress – insert custom content in get_template_part
  21. Load wordpress template part after click a button
  22. Is there any way to get related posts API in wordpress?
  23. Creating a Shortcode in WordPress using ACF to define posts shown
  24. WordPress bus booking plugin
  25. WordPress is giving HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden
  26. How to copy / clone content of a page in href mailto
  27. How to use Paypal payout to sent money to someone using PayPal email address?
  28. WordPress blocking htaccess authentication in a sub directory
  29. WordPress Divi Custom CSS on HTML Form
  30. WP Job Manager – Applications deletion

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. My site is auto refreshing every 7 seconds. Plugin causing the issue
  2. Wordpress Site is too slow and only the homepage loads
  3. Uncaught TypeError: $(…).ekkoLightbox is not a function
  4. Installed Wordpress on https domain, now the http site won't display
  5. Intermittent wp_mail failure
  6. Why I get 500 error on check if user exists? [closed]
  7. Not Able To Remove 'The Post Appeared First On' RSS
  8. Paginate custom post type in a specified pattern
  9. how to edit javascript code in the source page
  10. HTACCESS Request wp-content directory using Query String

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Why does wordpress page change when I'm logged in?
  2. Empty Link and Redundant Links error in WAWE tool
  3. Redirection working fine on desktop but not working on mobile
  4. WP prioritize displaying author's posts first before displaying admin posts
  5. Wordpress best plugin for forum
  6. Can't edit table value in phpmyadmin
  7. how to check in a function that its args are unique or not? the function is called multiple times in wordpress
  8. Display post of Author Posts only (exclude admin and editor ) in archive
  9. Display Advanced Custom Fields field from user in Timber code
  10. Sticky in-page navigation - porting long-scroll content to a small-screen device

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress Image Upload time error : Post-processing of the image failed
  2. error displaying on wordpress website loading
  3. Elementor Save a File by clicking a button
  4. Replace url with different ending numbers to same url in myphpadmin
  5. WordPress Auto Delete Images older than one month
  6. WP - Retraiving child pages of current page
  7. Append HTML to PHP String
  8. Database search from Wordpress from button click on page to check if DB entry exists
  9. Custom Post Type Shortcode Not Working on Installation
  10. Cookiebot banner overlays footer section with imprint
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