Resolved WordPress issues 08-09-2019

  1. Disable responsive design in a row or column
  2. Is there a way to redirect a 302 url to 301
  3. Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentthemestwentynineteenindex.php
  4. Do reusable blocks slow pages down? Shouldn't shortcodes be pre-rendered?
  5. WordPress: store and read an array of string as post meta data
  6. Add Templates Next to Elementor Templates
  7. How to add an Admin Page without dashboard panel in it?
  8. It's possible have an iframe from google Knowledge Graph
  9. The CSS of my Page is not Always Displayed
  10. custom wp_query where meta_key is variable or not needed
  11. How to fix that plug-ins not are clickable in wordpress?
  12. Solve space between columns of three sliders (DIVI)
  13. WordPress: How to execute custom code when button is clicked
  14. addEventListener working on localhost, but not on live WordPress. Gives undefined property in console [duplicate]
  15. Is there a way to add a new array depedat on previous function so that a new option is revealed?
  16. In the registration form, Show error message if customer doesn't enter email id in valid format
  17. Want to Add Discount Amount in the Shop Page and Single product Page
  18. Reloading a specific element with ajax
  19. Enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin (CORS) on WordPress using .htaccess or PHP
  20. Show value of custom category description to single post
  21. How Can I set two different type of slide in slick slider?
  22. WordPress child theme Maximum function nesting level of '256'
  23. Reuse (replicate) WordPress Customizer Widgets / Menus UI – Nested Settings, Repeatable, Sortable in Other Panels [on hold]
  24. How to change the labels name in ER Search Filters? [on hold]
  25. Coinhive Malware on WordPress [on hold]
  26. Updating failed after adding shortcode
  27. How to add multiple Hide/Reveal Buttons with variable CSS ID?
  28. Using a variable to an external url in a php href
  29. How can I show subcategory description besides the subcategory title in a subcategory product loop? [on hold]
  30. Gmail api for localhost

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  10. I want to make a travel agency website with wordpress, where people can book flights with multi city destinations [on hold]

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. General question on best method for setting and getting server configurations
  2. Are the downloadable themes from free?
  3. AMP - Accelerated Mobile Page. Please, how do I set a custom template to a Specific Page in WordPress AMP? [on hold]
  4. Visual Composer Media Grid not loading
  5. How do I use noindex, nofollow at specific wordpress pages
  6. Wordpress upload image with php and set featured with javascript
  7. How to add ACF image field to WP admin table column of custom taxonomy
  8. What will be the best JS library/framework for the frontend part with WordPress backend?
  9. I need some correct CSS for my filtered portfolio [on hold]
  10. How to fix html output on this wpml function?

Resolved issues

  1. Code to remove “Search Jobs” button doesn't work [on hold]
  2. Remove social menu footer
  3. JQuery Animate function not working commas/decimals
  4. W3 Total Cache - Stop caching a fragment
  5. Placing php ,html, php in one line [duplicate]
  6. wordpress programmatically add post tags
  7. MySQL Duplicate Entry for non Unique column update in WordPress
  8. How to display by default 2 value of multi select field in gravity forms [on hold]
  9. How can i prevent a flexible content field to only render the last item?
  10. Media Query for JS
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