Resolved WordPress issues 09-02-2019

  1. Replace CPT post slug after deleting the default title box with meta box value?
  2. WordPress how not to lose color when paste from docx
  3. Enqueuing Divi Child Theme But Styles Don't Override
  4. php how to split an array string into two by condition
  5. Yoast content analysis and CMB2 custom fields [on hold]
  6. Trying to upload files to WordPress directory on amazon web services instance using Cyberduck and Filezilla
  7. How to make a custom result page by survey responses from users in wordpress?
  8. Anime.js with WordPress: module is not defined
  9. how to approved wordpress theme on wordpress org theme directory?
  10. Display ACF field from categories on page
  11. WordPress editor font
  12. fixed (sticky) menu when scroll to the div id = “slider”
  13. How to 'visit' a site every hour with a cron job on the server?
  14. WordPress website is not loading images after backup
  15. JQuery Problems Relating to WP and Initialisation Of Masonry and Flickity
  16. I want to do a website redirection ( from website1 to website 2) while keeping the same image of (website1)
  17. WP Query – Pagination Buttons not showing
  18. Soap request working in SoapUI but not in WordPress plugin
  19. Use a WordPress Taxonomy as two or more names
  20. Automatically generated password after registering
  21. I want to display my articles by specific taxonomies categories and not random
  22. Unable to register a custom block type in WordPress
  23. WordPress custom query by users
  24. How to put multiple photos in a compressed file after downloading php
  25. Register client Email not working Properly
  26. WordPress wp_logout_url() in IOS gives popup box asking to login
  27. Configuration with product filter, attributes and categories
  28. Problems with w3 total cache
  29. I Have 11k+ Onesignal Subscriber But Showing This Error “ A notification was sent, but there were no recipients”
  30. Trouble getting custom taxonomy archive page to show posts

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. how to export and import a menu that created with uber menu plugin
  2. How to remove adjacent_rel_links from the functions.php
  3. Regex or wildcard for subdirectories in an Nginx location directive
  4. Email From Subdomain not being received by main domain emails - plesk
  5. Output Nested ACF Repeater Field as Table in Shortcode
  6. how to update jquery version of wordpress
  7. renaming product description title with custom sentence including product name
  8. Cannot See Files Sucessfully Uploaded Via Wordpress
  9. How do I prevent custom circle cursor to add scroll?
  10. How to stop a plugin to send queries on a specific wp page

Resolved issues

  1. Preloader icon is not hidden when I disabled javascript from browser console
  2. get_description() function is returning null for order variation
  3. How to display only certain categories in Wordpress
  4. Website layout is broken, <head> is empty and I can't access wp-admin (wp-login)
  5. Custom content block (Floating/Hovering) over header - Wordpress Website
  6. Rest API Wordpress - display ID post from Custom Post Type
  7. My website is showing 500 error when I change the php version from 5.2 to 7.2 [on hold]
  8. Do I need to buy/register any licence for a wordPress plugin I am selling on my site
  9. When I create a new custom post type, it replaces the old post type
  10. Page execution being killed
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