Resolved WordPress issues 09-03-2019

  1. Switch case for Custom field on WordPress
  2. meta_box_cb function dropdown creates another term on post save
  3. How can I save a checkbox state in a WordPress custom meta box?
  4. How would one limit the Manual Excerpt Length in WP?
  5. WordPress register shortcode with antonym function
  6. How to add a directory for searching custom page templates files
  7. WordPress site on google-cloud-platform Index of/ error
  8. Best Way To Load Dynamic CSS and JS With Gutenberg / WordPress
  9. can't connect my old database to my new hostinger account
  10. Customizer JS API get value of customizer field
  11. How to get rid of this white effect on the page when clicking the scroll top button
  12. uncategories for all posts even (posts have categories ) in wordpress 5.1?
  13. Two filters for portfolio posts on WordPress
  14. How to hide scrollbar on embedded PDF document?
  15. Hide custom post type link in wordpress admin menu from Editors
  16. Show relevant variation in an attribute products archive
  17. Add Payment method in Hotel Booking section
  18. White strip on WP site
  19. Return more than one result from a function [duplicate]
  20. WordPress search result to match exact word
  21. Redirect Local project to an actual domain name
  22. Changing the design, don't want to insert all the website content again [on hold]
  23. Elementor Extension custom product archive issue
  24. How can I get posts from only one custom post category where there are many categories?
  25. Image is not uploading in WordPress dashboard
  26. Problem after importing database phpmyadmin
  27. Function is not not working inside PHP mail body
  28. Handle an array or list in user_meta
  29. Contact Form 7 – Cross required field
  30. How to get user mail wordpress html

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  7. how to create section inside a section uisng wp_customize function in wrodpress
  8. Drag & Drop trashed error in Wordpress site [on hold]
  9. Once user sign in they are directed to a gravity form - only when it is complete will they be directed to the site
  10. Bootstrap 4 dropdown menu disappears on hover on Microsoft Surface only

Resolved issues

  1. WordPress multisite different user registration for different sites
  2. WP_Query::posts orderby doesn't preserve order of post__in
  3. How to fix 'null value of add_setting()'
  4. How to create the following detail in Wordpress
  5. migrating wordpress website from localhost in windows to centos7
  6. How to add %custom-taxonomy% to permalink (e.g. %subject% which is one we created)
  7. How to hide continue shopping after customer selects the second product
  8. Use styling and behavior on tags input that exists on back-end but on a front-end form
  9. WordPress Edit Page Fails with “TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON”
  10. Wordpress REST API: failurejava.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT
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