Resolved WordPress issues 10-06-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • OpenCart Theme Change
  • Show Results using Ajax in wordpress pagination
  • Material Components Web – Standalone Initialisation
  • WordPress doesn`t show background photo of <p> element in my theme
  • JQuery ajax returns new html without class
  • Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7
  • Custom wordpress theme, different text boxes admin users can edit?
  • Displaying all the registered authors and display thier published posts in a modal in wordpress
  • wp/acf: list object fields from custom post that point to another custom post
  • Getting the app downloads and review from google play store
  • the_post_thumbnail in WordPress Loop wont work
  • How to add js ad in wordpress
  • transport postMessage not working on link hover color live preview
  • reflection security wordpress and hand code, connection to the db – PHP
  • Essential-Grid Display Post Content support
  • Permissions in WordPress on VPS
  • How to move wordpress admin bar menu to my theme title bar
  • How to override a plugin function without modifying the plugin's code?
  • Add Field To Custom WP Login Form
  • Can't check category tree entrance
  • How to show new custom meta box in visual composer in front end
  • Recover wordpress plugin after deinstallation
  • Can I use multiple CDN with WP Fastest Cache on WordPress?
  • Fetching WordPress Posts from Native Android app using Volley and JSON
  • WordPress Un-Explainable Theme Issue
  • Modify Wocommerce Shortcode [product id=“”]
  • WP REST API can't set post tags
  • Shrink the width of Sticky header to 100% with animation
  • How to solve google recaptcha issue for my wordpress website? [on hold]
  • Angular 6 router in wordpress plugin does not work in refresh

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    Reported WordPress issues

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    6. Need Help Editing a WordPress Plugin to Display User Social Media Icons Dynamically
    7. Isotope.js - select multiple from same group and require all
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    9. Array to string conversion wordpress metadata
    10. Ordering nav-menu.php posts Wordpress

    WordPress problems we are working on

    1. Wordpress - Custom order on CPT and Taxonomy pages
    2. How to load custom filed at another page?
    3. Create a div each month in wordpress loop
    4. How to catch alt content from wp post?
    5. Posts by tag - Creating a reset
    6. Adjust the timing of “Buddypress” loading
    7. New SVG logo - menu does not work Wordpress
    8. Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback [duplicate]
    9. Where is wordpress >5 read more link?
    10. Having huge wp_wps_index table but can't figure out what it's used for

    Resolved issues

    1. View posts and limit based on categories - custom post type
    2. WPRIG WordPress local server silently failing to run site
    3. Wordpress plugin to remove content rendering
    4. wordpress post query orderby modification
    5. Wordpress REST API call from Plugin
    6. Passing a variable to template file in wordpress plugin
    7. wordpress meta query executes in a loop causing page to reload continuously.!
    8. display:none is being appended to images uploaded to Wordpress
    9. Multiple services, one container: Install Wordpress and Mariadb on the same container
    10. Load Wordpress Page using jQuery to make Website 1 Page
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