Resolved WordPress issues 10-07-2018

WPML language switcher. Link to custom page when no translation

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • How to store the wordpress wp-content folder in local machine when running through docker compose
  • Contact form 7 Not displaying as wrapped in a display none div on WordPress
  • Change Contact Form 7 default time format
  • Remove duplicate result from while
  • WordPress site switched to displaying Posts for no apparent reason
  • WordPress site bugged,locked out of admin
  • WordPress plugin admin ajax returning 400 bad request
  • mask a link from wordpress's button
  • How can buddy press register page show all other fields with a specific member type in registration page?
  • Is there any way to save the plugins settings in WordPress.
  • WordPress – Send email to users when they get new followers
  • Size, date & cross-sells in Product Page [on hold]
  • Carousel with an a tag on one of the slides positioned absolute loading
  • Add coupen on cart total not on cart line tax
  • Revert HTTPS without FTP
  • Dynamically hiding a section on WordPress pages [on hold]
  • WordPress shipping-label how to print from plugin editor-
  • display 10 image in a slider
  • How to make an ajax request when a sub menu page is clicked?

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    WordPress problems we are working on

    1. Any way to track speed/efficiency of contact form submission?
    2. Initializing CPT TimberPosts in Twig from an ACF repeater
    3. WP Login on Windows Server Trying to Redirect Back to my URL
    4. My wordpress website shows Submitted data in my form to other customers
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    Resolved issues

    1. Why unicode emojis in wordpress displayed with <img> tag?
    2. How do we get admin current screen by post id instead of screen id?
    3. Installing SSL on Wordpress without Ciomand Line access and provider support
    4. Gravity Forms save and continue resume token that are assosiacted with partial entry ID
    5. custom post type column countdown
    6. WordPress Modern tribe events plugin display different page layout per category
    7. Find the highest number in a table
    8. Wordpress site returning 'Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)'
    9. How to add a button of plugin into `wp_editor()` using TinyMCE?
    10. How to add a button of plugin into `wp_editor()` using TinyMCE?
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