Resolved WordPress issues 10-11-2017

Today on focus: payment page, page background, advanced custom, fields slow wordpress

  1. Gravity Form, open the payment page in a new window after submitting the form
  2. Thumbnail doesn’t show properly on Facebook share from wordpress site
  3. How to change links, so the subdmain doesnt matter
  4. Curl not working in wp
  5. Change a specific page background?
  6. Suggest best Q and A forum wordpress plugin
  7. how to use Advanced Custom Fields with videos
  8. Display the 5 next posts based on WordPress IDs
  9. Encoding issues with wordpress excerpts
  10. Stripe Custom payment + One time payment
  11. How to order wp_query by taxonomy term / custom field value
  12. wordpress – remove content editor in admin for page template
  13. MariaDB waits after canceling index creation
  14. A page on my website loads very SLOW
  15. WordPress/BackupBuddy Site migrates with bad links to CSS/JS/Images
  16. Isotope.js – AJAX and container height
  17. Unexpected “php_flag not allowed here” messages
  18. how to make a visible site at blockchain cloud service
  19. Error 404 post name permalink wordpress
  20. WordPress/PHP How to tell php doc to go get text from page/ post or widget
  21. Prevent top-level menu link in WordPress admin menu from working
  22. WP API & ACF – Fetch options page
  23. Access control origin header set in nginx.config file still get an error of Access control origin header allow
  24. My site is not scrolling in Google Chrome while it is good in other browser [on hold]
  25. Masonry with text best practice for wordpress
  26. WordPress – custom taxonomy template – page not found?
  27. Not able to add animation effect on background-image
  28. How to make categories listing pagination in WordPress
  29. Show only name of post in category
  30. Remove width and height from filename in WordPress content

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Ajax call include not works in Wordpress
  2. Loading font options must be accompanied with subset select
  3. How to add and read extra parameters for custom WordPress page
  4. Wordpress category page, post object not available if has sub categories
  5. Include Parent Terms when searching for Children in WordPress Taxonomy Search
  6. Buddypress user settings page - not loading
  7. Disable SSL on a specific URL
  8. Wordpress Menu Breakpoints with Bootstrap navwalker
  9. wordpress add_filter 'wp_insert_post_data'
  10. Restrict category of a custom post type based on role WordPress

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Unable to use jQuery script in Wordpress plugin
  2. MySQL key-value table update many rows for many ID's at once
  3. Wordpress custom post type pagination using ajax jQuery
  4. Unable to open primary script: /var/www/html/wordpress/index.php (Permission denied)
  5. Paypal Checkout problems
  6. acf/validate_value not working on acf 4.4.12
  7. On install create the database tables and insert not working - wordpress plugin
  8. Error for footer.php
  9. inline-block doesn't prevent menu elements from overlapping when minimizing browser
  10. WP All Import Pro: Polylang compatibility

Resolved issues

  1. Infinite wp_mail loop
  2. Live Notification Heartbeat API
  3. Fusion builder is not working in WordPress 4.9.6 version
  4. Issue shell commands to a remote server via website?
  5. How to add “/” on URL end in Wordpress
  6. Add search to slider in wordpress sites
  7. Correct way to get custom template directory
  8. revshowslide() not working in wordpress plugin
  9. Wordpress, how to run hooks one by one manually?
  10. Get and add wordpress user name in between urls
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