Resolved WordPress issues 10-12-2017

On focus today: wordpress loop, bootstrap grid, advanced custom fields, wordpress images

  1. WordPress function current_user_can_for_blog returning same value for all users
  2. On my WordPress Kiara Theme the posts don’t display featuring images
  3. How denied add posts and edit custom field WordPress?
  4. WordPress Exclude Data From Category
  5. WordPress DesktopServer is not working
  6. Converting (any possible) website design into a Genesis child theme for WordPress
  7. PHP: Make Plugin apply on homepage in WordPress blog
  8. Static site in subdomain causing problems in homepage
  9. Resize existing image based on parameter
  10. Add all attributes automatically new single product
  11. Linking WordPress Blog to React Website
  12. How to make my wordpress mobile navigation multi-level
  13. call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘products_new_columns’ not found or invalid function name
  14. No Thumbnails in posting Kaltura’s Videos
  15. absolute path in images in wordpress
  16. Loading custom js file on the admin page through plugin
  17. WordPress plain permalink routing
  18. Javascript function issue with advanced custom field, Can’t get through the all rows
  19. Contact Form 7, Date-Time
  20. adding text , button on header image in wordpress
  21. WordPress Error URL:443/wp-admin
  22. Is it supposed to take a while for styles to update on WordPress localhost?
  23. How to prevent PDF files from automatically downloading
  24. Apache htaccess redirect wrong mime type
  25. Fatal error: Can not redeclare WP_Post_Type show_in_rest
  26. how to get the number of total posts in a wordpress category?
  27. php fatal error EDD Amazon S3 plugin
  28. WordPress Loop in Bootstrap Grid

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Undefined index: inc_social_context
  2. WP: setting with_front to false and removing post type slug
  3. Wordpress upload media
  4. Looking for department user role management plugin. Any ideas where to find one?
  5. How to filter WordPress taxonomy using the option value?
  6. Edit password update email to user with password in wordpress
  7. Can I define a variable using php outside Ninja Forms and pull it into the form? No QueryString
  8. admin-ajax returns an error: admin-ajax.php 400 (Bad Request)
  9. Writing Api For Wordpress [duplicate]
  10. Add Thumbnail/Featured Image and excerpt to loop (multisite)

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Wordpress Default Categories Metabox
  2. Retrieving the current orderid in wordpress from code in functions.php
  3. Dynamic Bootstrap 4 Image Carousel Not Working
  4. Show Multisite Subpages WordPress
  5. Disable Popup Maker on Certain Conditions
  6. Sub menu pages not showing on admin dashboard
  7. do_shortcode with Instagram doesn't work - Wordpress
  8. Wordpress wp_remote_get pagination
  9. Warning: fopen(): Filename cannot be empty [duplicate]
  10. How to add new panel under “document” in Gutenberg

Resolved issues

  1. Where are the Yoast SEO titles and descriptions stored?
  2. AJAX Doesn't return anything, but the php script ran [on hold]
  3. Write to database, and retrieve updated data in the same PHP page load?
  4. Wordpress: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_attachment_src()
  5. Integrating contact form 7 with mail chimp with a hidden field
  6. How do I connect my local site files to an existing MAMP database?
  7. Change role of all users with email address from specific domain upon custom WordPress plugin activation
  8. Splitting the sitemap into multiple sitemap files in wordpress
  9. Cannot connect a WP user with member on my server via bot on DiscordJS
  10. Wordpress plugindevelopment:is_user_logged_in return false
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