Resolved WordPress issues 11-02-2019

  1. A custom HTML block does not appear on WordPress website?
  2. How to create full width content in wordpress?
  3. How to display selected taxonomies by their parent?
  4. Adjusting content in html/css and php
  5. Calling a Custom Field Value in the WordPress Loop?
  6. Change font colour on scrolling menu – Gustablo WordPress Theme
  7. JQuery hide() and show() functions overlaping each other
  8. WordPress deploy replicas with many nodes and traefik
  9. WP-Members – How can I give access to one of 6 private areas upon registration login?
  10. WP Acceptance and the composer.json file required
  11. trying to optimize wordpress page with css font-display
  12. Google Map Doesn't Always Load
  13. On iPhones chrome, trying to scroll up causes page reload
  14. Pages still showing on Bing despite using Block URLs tool
  15. HTML page to Worpress domain transfer
  16. Idevaffiliate Add Code to WP Simple Pay Pro Plugin
  17. Cannot disable a submit button using jQuery on Contact Form plugin (WordPress)
  18. Using Shortcodes within functions on WordPress
  19. WordPress functions don't work in php script ran in bash
  20. My site is broken, it displays a “Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in”
  21. How to create two different websites using WordPress locally
  22. Adding Font Awesome icons to visual composer
  23. How to Insert Wp_List_Pages() Results to HTML Section
  24. How to use php and js at the same time to filter content
  25. Ninja Forms Custom PDF template returns an error
  26. How to Auto Enroll to Learndash course, when user complete some Courses?
  27. WordPress – why is this meta query returning results outside the date query?
  28. Does timber have default 500 template like it has 404?
  29. WordPress – How to add something after first paragraph in get_the_content()
  30. Contactform7 with Recaptchav3 not showing badge

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. How to display a value from a radio button in the options menu in wordpress
  3. How to specify a cache validator for PNG and JS files in .htaccess?
  4. Changing font size within declaration
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  6. API Call doesn't echo items
  7. PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/bradlux/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/core.php on line 3797 [on hold]
  8. Bypass cannot redeclare function (including Wordpress in Osclass)
  9. ACF get data for all posts
  10. TinyMCE Paste as text but keep spaces

Resolved issues

  1. I can't get my WordPress site load speed any faster
  2. Error establishing a database connection in my localhost
  3. Redirect loop in wordpress behind Azure Application Gateway
  4. How to attach custom taxonomy to a post in Wordpress?
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  10. Tooltip with title and featured image Wordpress function
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