Resolved WordPress issues 11-06-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • simple captcha on wocommerce register form
  • WordPress custom theme: Widget area not configurable in Customizer
  • Display blog posts except the latest post using a short code in wordpress
  • Migrating new Word Press to a different CPanel account with old site on it
  • How to trace my copy WordPress website? [on hold]
  • WordPress add inline styles, how to add background-size property
  • create clickable link in php
  • Get Posts including their Taxonomy with one query in WordPress
  • WordPress Post Meta instead of title in Custom Post Type Permalink
  • Loading single posts from a custom post type in plugin
  • How to get download URL in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Not getting www on my wordpress website
  • Updating URL for parsing XML in PHP
  • How i can insert contact form 7 short-code in twig file
  • WordPress random slow loading times using https
  • Meta og tag image is not updating when the url is shared on Linkedin
  • easily customisabe photo gallery plugin for wordprrss
  • How to update my form in Custom plugin WordPress
  • is_page() not working from within functions.php
  • Change the position of wordpress single post featured image
  • Private pages listed only as TEXT [on hold]
  • WordPress Permalink Post_name
  • does wordpress automatically understand $post->id or do i need to set it myself [duplicate]
  • Quantity Plus Minus Button is not visible in mobile view in my WordPress website?
  • What is the best way to convert the img tags into amp-img?
  • Ordering 'Add new element' tab in visual composer
  • PHP fails at inserting values into database
  • wordpress load take very long time
  • Show ajax content on reload and browser navigation
  • wordpress wp menu in home page and inner page

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    2. How to load custom filed at another page?
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    4. How to catch alt content from wp post?
    5. Posts by tag - Creating a reset
    6. Adjust the timing of “Buddypress” loading
    7. New SVG logo - menu does not work Wordpress
    8. Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback [duplicate]
    9. Where is wordpress >5 read more link?
    10. Having huge wp_wps_index table but can't figure out what it's used for

    Resolved issues

    1. View posts and limit based on categories - custom post type
    2. WPRIG WordPress local server silently failing to run site
    3. Wordpress plugin to remove content rendering
    4. wordpress post query orderby modification
    5. Wordpress REST API call from Plugin
    6. Passing a variable to template file in wordpress plugin
    7. wordpress meta query executes in a loop causing page to reload continuously.!
    8. display:none is being appended to images uploaded to Wordpress
    9. Multiple services, one container: Install Wordpress and Mariadb on the same container
    10. Load Wordpress Page using jQuery to make Website 1 Page
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