Resolved WordPress issues 12-03-2018

  1. WP Insert create multiple posts
  2. More customization
  3. How can be shown only 2nd level taxonomy (WordPress)
  4. Can I permit access to sub-domain from the main domain using the domain name rather than IP address?
  5. WordPress: URL of Post not change when scrolling by ajax load more
  6. How to connect WordPress website form to existing SQL database with PHP. [on hold]
  7. Create a shortcode for a handmade plugin in WordPress
  8. Add a close button to the Divi Theme dropdown menu
  9. WordPress Customization and time reduce
  10. How to stop displaying the brackets tags in the theme
  11. Skipping redirect after add_to_cart
  12. How to remove prefix from url in PHP/Wordpress
  13. WordPress Canonical URL Issues
  14. Preventing Shortcode Execution with wp_update_post
  15. Display post's category name as a part of shortcode in wordpress
  16. Count categories but exclude option
  17. Is it possible to override wordpress payment plugin functions?
  18. TinyMCE WordPress wpview 'gallery' after drag & drop
  19. Rewrite/permalink errors when setting pages as parents for custom posts
  20. How to Make a comparason website like
  21. How can we link the slider image to the other webpage [duplicate]
  22. How do you get stored data from a wordpress plugin from javascript?
  23. How to create post with multiple categories as string [wordpress/php]
  24. having issue with passive event handler what should I do? [on hold]
  25. TagDiv Composer plugin causing 500 Internal Server Error
  26. Front-end posting using Advanced Custom Fields WP acf_form()
  27. Creating a searchable database on WordPress
  28. SendGrid and WordPress
  29. Circle with question mark instead of font awesome's icons
  30. Update WordPress settings via Ajax Maintaining Existing Values

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. How do I insert to SQL when a new WPMU site is created? I created a plugin, but it doesn't work
  3. How to Streamline the work progress of Wordpress Blog with I-cloud Photo?
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  5. Does TinyMCE allows immutable entities (the counterpart of CKEditor's “widget” feature)?
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  7. Integrate a web application into a site built in wordpress
  8. Wordpress: Call to undefined function get_sites()
  9. MySQL Select same table with different ids on different columns
  10. Trying to insert custom 404 CSS on Wordpress but losing site header

Resolved issues

  1. How can I use table CSS property all of my table except google custom search?
  2. wordpress: how to load more comments using ajax?
  3. Can i write external api for WordPress? [on hold]
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  9. Retrieving an AFC Image field
  10. How do I save global inspector controls in Gutenberg editor?
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